Saturday, March 3, 2012

We All Have Reason to Have Hope. See What Missy Has to Say

Missy Tippens, 2006 Golden Heart finalist, made her first sale to Harlequin Love Inspired in 2007. Her books have since been finalists for the Booksellers Best, ACFW Carol Award (Formerly Book of the Year Award) and the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence. Her most recent from Love Inspired, A House Full of Hope, released on February. Visit Missy at

SDC:   Before we start the process, Missy, after a long day of writing or doing revisions in a story what is the very first thing you do?

MT: Should I admit this? Often, I go take my shower! :) I usually get right to work in the morning in sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Once I finish working, I take a relaxing shower and then head out for errands or whatever else in on my schedule.

SDC:   Well, there's nothing like being clean. (smile) What inspired you to come up writing in the genre you chose?   

MT: I think God inspired it. Years ago, I was planning a new story, and a writer friend who read my outline told me it was an inspirational romance. I had no idea! I think God was at work before I even knew it.

SDC:   I know you are a pastor's wife. How did you respond to the rejection slips you received before you got your first contract, and how did your family respond? How were you encouraged to continue writing?

MT: I usually had a pity party. :) Then I would often ask my women’s Bible study group for prayer. They were always very supportive and encouraging. They still are when I get rejections on proposals. My family has always been the same way.

SDC:   Ah, when you mentioned that pity part, all I could think of was the joy of being a person of such honesty. We look forward to you doing a giveaway this week. Tell us all about the book you are sharing with us today, and what your inspiration was to write it.

MT: I’ll be giving away a copy of A House Full of Hope, my February release from Love Inspired. It’s the story about a former bad boy who’s found God and is seeking redemption. But no one in his hometown wants to forgive him, especially not the sister of the girl whose family he devastated.

I actually got the inspiration for this story just from a “what if?” idea I had while brainstorming. What if a guy who’s changed his life goes to his hometown seeking forgiveness and falls in love with the sister of the high school girlfriend he ruined?

SDC:     What keeps you me humble as a published writer, Missy? What gets in the way of keeping you humble?

MT: The best piece of advice I had lately was from a speaker at my local ACFW chapter meeting. Beverly Varnado was the speaker. When asked if she’s really excited about her book being optioned for a movie, she talked about not getting on the roller coaster of emotions but to keep level headed and keep our eyes on God. That’s not exactly what she said, but that’s how I took her message to heart. Sure we have exciting times. But we also still get rejections or bad reviews. I’m learning not to get on the roller coaster but to keep my eyes on God and His will for my writing.

SDC:   How true that is. What is your MISSY secret to writing a good book? 

MT: I wish there were a secret! :) However, writing is hard work. Work that gives me joy, yes! But it takes a lot of time and energy. I guess my piece of advice to writers would be to pour yourself into it. Don’t hold back on the emotion, because readers will sense it. Put yourself out there. Share a piece of yourself on the page.

SDC:   I love that. It is so true that we have to share ourselves fully in our writing. I so agree. Have you begun anything new since the project you just finished?

MT: I recently sold a new proposal to Love Inspired, so I’m working on that book now. Its working title is Love for Lillianne. It’s a story about a practical realist who, through fulfilling the will of her beloved aunt, is forced to share workspace with a charming dreamer. So fun! :)

SDC: Thank you so much for being here with us and offering to do a giveaway. My question to our viewers would be this. What is the last book you read that filled you with the most emotion and why? 

Be sure to drop us a note with your answers.


  1. Missy, I love anything you write. This cover is so much fun, pulls a reader right into how God brings families and people together.

  2. Hi Missy, congratulations on the new release from Harlequin. Wishing you fantastic sales. The last book I read that filled me with emotion, I've recently discovered the Love Finds You series by Summerside, I love the historicals. I hope it was okay for me to say that, I "love" Harlequin books too :)

  3. LoRee, thank you! I love the cover, too. They did such a good job on it. The kids look just like I envisioned them! And it's such a fun scene. :)

    Debby, of course it is! :) I've heard they're great books. I have a couple in my by TBR stack. I'm just so very behind! :)

  4. MISSY!!! Just finished a House Full of Hope and absolutely LOVED it -- I think it's your best yet, which is saying something since like LoRee above, I love anything you write. But then I've ALWAYS been partial to bad boys, which this one has in spades ... :)

    I will be posting a review soon.


  5. Hi Missy, I am so looking forward to reading this book.....loved your other books. Please count me in.
    I just finished A Hope need to say more about how emotional, great, etc. it was 'cause you know Julie! lol

  6. Julie, thank you!! I'm thrilled that you liked it. And yes, we know how you love those bad boys!! :)

    Jackie, I know. I LOVE Julie's books!!

  7. I just read Jane Eyre again after so many years. It is very moving.

  8. I love to read it when pastor's wives also have books out. I look forward to reading yours, Missy. Thanks for the interview. Diane Carter, Idaho.

  9. Right now I am listening to Olive Kitterage and some of the chapters fill me so much with emotion because it seems like the people she is writing about are so real and that they exist on some level.

    Your book sounds interesting. Please enter me for the giveaway.


  10. Betty, I loved that book!
    Diane, thank you! Are you a pastor's wife, too?
    Lori, great books affect me that way, too. I keep thinking about the characters!

    I just realized I didn't mention what I'm reading. It's Sarah's Key. So emotional as it's dealing with a Jewish girl whose family is gathered up and taken to a concentration camp.

  11. Wonderful interview, Missy. I hope I'm not too late to enter. I would love to read one of your books.
    Carol Lindsey