Monday, October 27, 2008

What do you give thanks for?

In my story about Amethyst Rose, my heroine goes through a time when she loses nearly all she loves and those she has cared for all her life. It brings her pretty far down in her thinking about her own life and even whether it is worth it to go on.

In my contest for November, I would love to hear from you about something unique you want to give thanks for.

We all know life is, indeed, special. We all must have something for which we can look up and say, "Thanks God."

What do you have to offer? I would love to hear.

I will select a winner by random drawing to this contest the weekend following Thanksgiving. The winner will receive both a signed copy of Flame from Within to have for her or his own library or to give as a gift to a friend. And also, in that package will be a memory from our trip to Ireland.

Let me hear from you!
(artwork by Julia Bettencourt)


  1. Hey! This is cool! I would like to give thanks this year for the nearness I have felt to my family through some pretty hard days in the last six month. Thanks family.
    take care
    anna klein

  2. For my friends who share their lives with me and appreciate my insights now and then.
    Donna Reid
    Kansas City

  3. Well a lot of people know that my house was lucky enough to survive the tornado that sweep through the Mid West in May, so I am thankful that the only damage was a water damage and a missing roof..could have a been a lot worse and I could have been completely homeless, so I am thankful for my family and home( water stains and all)


  4. I am thankful that the Lord has sustained my family as I have been unemployed and looking for work for over a year, now. He has never failed to meet our needs and exceed our expectations.


  5. I am so thankful to the L-rd for saving our neighborhood back in May when fires were shooting up all over the place. We were on our way home from visiting our daughter and couldn't get home because of the fires and all the roads being closed off. I am also thankful that none of our friends lost their homes either.


  6. i am really thankful that i had my grandma to spend time with for a year, as now she is gone on to heaven. it was such a gift from God! i got to know her in ways I never did before! it was very special!
    She had kidney failure from diabetes and we were able to spend time through that, but helping her through dialysis and other things, but in the sitting and taking care of her, it was so special to be able to learn to know her!

  7. I am so thankful this year for how God sustained my brothers and me in the death of our mother. It was the most difficult thing we ever went through in our lives. but it was like God was there everyday.
    Alicia Gonzalez

  8. I want to give thanks that where I work at a (Special Needs School) is the hardest job that I've ever had but it's the most rewarding one I've had! I hope to continue to touch these children's lives with the love of Christ. purposedrivenlife4you (at) gmail (dot) com

  9. I thank God for the hard times. When things aren't simple, whether its finances, relationships, or health issues we tend to pray more often and seek God's guidance in our lives. I believe that this is where God wants us. Fully and completely trusting in Him and seeking His face.

    Only when we are at this point in our lives can we experience true peace and happiness.

    Unfortunately, when we are in good standing with our health, finances and ect... we tend to take things for granted - that's our human nature.

    I have not always been able to see the good in the "bad" but " I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


    LucieInCA [at] aol [dot] com

  10. Thank you to everyone. And congratulations to STACEY who has one a book AND a silver spoon from Blarney Castle, in BLARNEY IRELAND.

    I so appreciate all your thoughts.