Monday, June 16, 2008


I had a chance to visit with an old friend today, Laurie. She long ago moved from the West Coast back to Georgia to get married. It is so interesting to see how the Lord works in peoples' lives and changes the whole dynamic as they seek Him and His will.

My friend, Laurie, does that, and did that very thing when she prayed about her move.

The Lord brough Laurie a husband after she lost her first husband who God decided to take home.

I watched her romance develop and was amazed to see how God brough Laurie and her new husband together.

It is so interesting when a person seeks the Lord first how He will work things out. So often, we are not patient in waiting on Him to bring His will about in our lives. But if we are God never fails to show us He will take control and make things beautiful...if only we will give Him a chance to do so.

My friend Laurie did that, and I praise the Lord for her witness.

Her life story as a whole could easily become a beautiful story! Hmm

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