Monday, October 24, 2011

The Recent Buzz?

Every writers' conference is worth its weight in gold in someway or another. If you write or have a yearning in that direction, you only discover how valuable they are if you attend one.

Just heard a scoop from author, K. Dawn Byrd, who just returned from a conference herself. She shared this with those who are interested in this sort of thing, which naturally would include me. I thought you might be curious about what she picked up from this one. Check out the recent buzz about what's on the drawing board for aspiring writers and established authors.

K. Dawn Byrd

I wanted to share a few tidbits just in case anyone is interested in what's going on the secular market. Young adult is really hot. All five agents requested a young adult manuscript from me. I was told by a Barnes and Noble employee that YA is so hot that they've moved it to the power aisle and expanded from 2 full shelves to 4. Keep in mind, this is the secular market. (I'm not sure if the YA CBA market will expand as much as the ABA market has, but that would be nice.)

The buzz on paranormal is that agents are sick of looking at it and unless an author can offer something totally different, there doesn't appear to be much interest.

Apparently, romantic suspense is still alive and well. I met with one editor while at the conference and was told by other attendees that she wanted to see some of their work, but ONLY if they obtained an agent and had said agent send it to her. She requested my romantic suspense without an agent. The other attendees I chatted with had historicals and Southern Gothic.

I can't even begin to explain how much just being a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) helped me. (Unlike at the ACFW Conferences), no one I ran into at this conference had a one sheet or a sell sheet. They had no idea what they were. The agents and editor I met with were very impressed with my sheets, probably because I was the only one with them! Thank you ACFW for teaching me how to design them.

I had a wonderful time at this conference and everyone was very nice and the southern hospitality wonderful.

K.Dawn Byrd, Author
Queen of Hearts (April 2010) & Killing Time (August 2010)
Mistaken Identity (June 2011) & This Time for Keeps (October 2011)

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