Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Forgetting About Our Personal Problems, Hangups, and Circumstances to Remember and Honor Others...

In just a few days we will be taking our special moments to fly our flags, honor, not only the soldiers all over America, as we commemorate those who died while in military service for us, but also honor our family members and loved ones who once were part of our lives, and are now not here.

That's what Memorial Day is all about. Hopefully, that's why we all celebrate that day.
It's so important to forget about those personal problems and hangups we carry on our backs, and rather, consider others for a change. Don't you think? 

I think about the War Between the States and all those who died back then. Because that was such a memorable time, to me, perhaps it's why I wrote my second novel, Flame from Within, so much of it about that time.

I think about World War I and II, as I remember to honor my dad nnd many of his friends, who died back then and before.

I think about all the wars that have taken place since that time. So many.  Too many. Do I put them to mind as much as I should? I know God does.

Another special thought about Memorial Day and the days that lead up to it, is that it begins to mark the start of our SUMMER months. Yet, this is a difficult year for many across the United States and even the world. With Japan, with Joplin, Missouri, with the flooding going on in the midwest, with so many times of difficulties so very many are having. Are we considering them right now, and the many they have lost recently?

Let's let Memorial Season be a time when we think of others over ourselves. Shall we?
This week I decided to bring you author, Penny Monetti. Take a moment to read her thoughts.

Penny Monetti is an author, motivational speaker, and member of the Advanced Writer’s and Speakers Association (AWSA).  She dynamically encourages families to grab and enjoy life’s fleeting moments in conjunction with her first book, “Choose to Dance: A Mother Daughter Guide to Tackling Life’s Tough Issues.”  She and her husband, Lt Colonel Tony Monetti, B-2 stealth bomber pilot, inspire audiences nation wide as they encourage military families to trust in an almighty God-against all odds through their newly released book, “Called to Serve: Encouragement, Support, and Inspiration for Military Families.” Penny works as a nurse and is certified through the American Academy of Christian Counselors to counsel trauma and crisis victims, specifically combat veterans and their families living with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). She is the founder of Connected Hearts, an organization which assists needy and homeless children, and Big Brothers Big Sisters in Johnson County, Missouri, where she resides. She is president of Called to Serve Ministry (calledtoserveministry.com), an internet resource and support tool for military families and patriotic Americans. She co-owns a popular Italian restaurant, Monettis (monettis.com), and her greatest accomplishment is raising three amazing children-still in progress.

Family togetherness, storm tracking, mountain hiking, skydiving, her new Bernese mountain puppy, and digging in the dirt to plant flowers feeds her passion for life. 

Penny writes: America is not only graced with the dedication and service of active duty and reserve military service men and women, but is equally blessed with their military spouses and families courageously serving from the home front. We recognize your daily sacrifices and thank you for heeding your "Call to Serve" our great country.

 Excerpt of her book: "During military life, home-front spouses experience separations of many varieties, causing a roller coaster of emotions. You feel pride that your loved one is serving but may resent that you are left at home with all the responsibilities. Then you feel guilty for feeling resentful. Emotions left unattended can take a marriage through dangerous twists. ...I knew that resentment injures relationships, so I hauled my dirt to the ultimate cleaner of emotional filth-the Lord."

Military life is difficult, but it doesn't have to overwhelm you. In Called to Serve, the Monettis share stories form their more than twenty-three years of military experience and offer biblical advice for combating the top stressors of warriors and their families from a unique spouse/warrior perspective.

A Happy and Blessed MEMORIAL DAY to You All

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