Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Some Say Life's a Paradox. Hmm. WHAT CAN THAT MEAN?

We end April and begin the month of May with a paradoxical moment with Author, JoAnn Carter. Come join me and learn all about her.
JoAnn lives in Vermont with her wonderful husband of 18 years, four children and Ginger, the best dog in the world (she says). She enjoys being with her family & friends, writing, reading, and cooking.

In the past JoAnn has worked as a Licensed Practical Nurse, an apple orchard guide and as a substitute teacher. (What a combination!) She is available for speaking engagements to book clubs, reader groups, library groups, women's ministry events, school events and church retreats.

SDC: Welcome to you, JoAnn. Before you tell us about your newest release, please fill us in on what keeps you going.

JC: I'd be happy to but first let me say what an honor and privilege it is to be here with you today, Shirley. Thank you for this opportunity to visit you on your blog. Now onto your great question... what keeps me going is the knowledge that God can use this fallible person, and her fallible pen to somehow accomplish His purposes in the midst.

As I write, I pray for the people who will come across this story. I pray that they would be encouraged and their faith would grow or become challenged by something they read.

At the same time, God is teaching me things about Himself, myself, and the world around me. What He has taught me through this writing journey leaves me... well, speechless. J

SDC:  That's great. What are some things that people have shared with you that they say has influenced them greatly by one of your books? 

JC- Oh, this is such a fun thing to think about, yet one which I don't usually take time to. I'm going to quote Wendy, a reader of BY THE BOOK. She said, "Ms. Carter has also done a terrific job of weaving the issue of forgiveness into the plotline in a way I think anyone can relate to. After all, don't we all struggle with forgiveness? I know I do...and Ms. Carter has gently, and convincingly urged me through her writing to ask God for help forgiving someone I need to forgive."
Isn't that awesome? Yet, I can't take the credit. It wasn't anything I did—it is simply one of those God things!

SDC: Don't you love the comments we receive from those who become such a part of our lives? What would you think is the main them that weaves together your stories?

JC: I guess I would have to say it's the importance of our relationship and commitment to Christ.

SDC: I couldn't agree more, JoAnn. Now, onto a little about your publishers. Who was your very first  and how did you come about this company? How long ago was it? Tell us about all your publishers, if you don't mind, and why you chose them, or you think they chose you.

JC: My very first publisher in 2005 was By Grace Publishing. (They since have gone out of business.) Although it wasn't the best experience ever for several reasons, it did give me the nudge I needed at that time to keep going and striving to improve my writing skills. After that, the door opened at White Rose Publishing. I currently have five books published with them and two "free read" stories. I must honestly say that the owner of WRP is an amazing Christian woman who strives to walk the walk. It's been a real blessing in many ways.

Then at the end of last year, at the recommendation of a friend I queried Desert Breeze Publishing. They contracted a three book historical series that I'm super excited about. The first book will come out July 15, 2011. After that, I query'd two other projects that they accepted, one being this story which I'm soon going tell you about, PARADOX. This book will release the 15th of May.

SDC: You've had some interesting experiences there! What’s your favorite Bible verse or verse that has sustained you recently and why?

JC: Our family is preparing to take a short-term mission trip to Mexico. I know that may sound crazy with all the drug related issues they have been having, but this is where we really feel the Lord is calling us to serve. Between that and the happens in Japan as well as the unrest around the world I've been pondering on, "God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea."— Psalm 46:1-2 (NIV)

SDC:  I truly love that verse. Thanks. After you let us know where we can reach you and where we can find your books, tell us about the book you would like to share with us today and also which one you are planning to donate. Also, what question would you like one of our viewers to answer to help me select the winner?

JC: Oh, man... I'd love to hear from everyone! Visitors and viewers can reach me by one of the following ways...
Visit JoAnn's Web site
Email JoAnn
Connect with JoAnn on Facebook

You can find my books at a variety of places, Amazon.com, B&N, Christianbook.com, White Rose Publishing, Desert Breeze Publishing and other e-publishing retailers.

Here is a bit about Paradox...

Lilly Holland’s passion is flowers-not people. All she’s ever dreamed of was a peaceful life surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation. The exact opposite of what life is like at the touristy Holland Lodge in the small town of Paradox. So, why does she feel like God is nudging her to go? He, if anyone, should know better than ask this of her.

Ric Walker, Holland Lodge’s grounds keeper, is Lilly’s only link to sanity. His steady presence and strong faith encourages her through this trying situation. However, that sanity is threatened as she realizes her feelings for him are changing into something more, something deeper.

Will Lilly learn that Paradox is more than a town’s name, but rather a divine place where God can reveal His power, bring healing, and love, just when she thinks all hope is gone?

You can pick up your copy on May 15th, right here: http://stores.desertbreezepublishing.com/-strse-168/JoAnne-Carter-Paradox/Detail.bok
As for the book to give away today, how about if you are the winner...you pick? (After this interview week is over and Shirley picks the winner) just head over to my webpage Visit JoAnn's Web site and you can choose any book there.

So, here's the (first part of the question...) Would you be willing to help me spread word about Paradox? You can do so by sharing the link to this blog post on your FB, Twitter, blog, etc. then come back here and let us know where you posted it.
READERS: Don't stop with that.  I would like to ask you the following -- and be sure to think hard about your answer: WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT THE WORD PARADOX, WHAT IS THE FIRST THING THAT COMES TO YOUR MIND?

Write in and share your answer. I hope to draw your name in a few days to to win a copy of one of JoAnn's books! Remember to keave email address for me. THANKS SO MUCH. AND THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!

JC: And thanks again, Shirley for having me here today. Thank you (in advance to the) guests and friends for stopping by! You are such a blessing to me.



  1. Paradox has me intrigued. A town where God shows his power...sounds amazing. Can't wait to read it!

  2. sounds to me like something that defies logic. is that what your book is about? sounds intriguing to me too.
    Bonnie Dixon
    El Paso, Texas

  3. Raquel & BD, thanks so much for stopping by!

    BD-- I love your answer to the question about what a Paradox is.

    Let me see what a few more folks come up with today as they stop by, then I'll tell you a bit more about the book. :)

  4. I posted the link to A Pen (one of my favorite blogs) to Facebook.
    JoAnn, paradox to me means a story within a story, often contradictory.
    And, I would love to read your upcoming story!

  5. JoAnn~may God bless your trip to Mexico. Congrats on PARADOX! Sounds great.

  6. I know folks are pretty busy trying to catch up from Easter week, but thank you for trying to help spread the word about this visit, LoRee.

    Dora, we are getting excited about our trip. I've been trying to learn Spanish, which is a challenge for me. I wish I had better recall! Oh well, I'm glad God can use any willing vessel. :)

  7. What a neat interview. I've never read you before JoAnn. Looking forward to it. A paradox to me, I think... it's something unexplainable? I'm not sure.
    I come around here to Shirley's blog as much as I can too.
    Janice Ian

  8. Janice, it's always nice to meet someone new. Thanks for stopping by!
    Hmm-- I never really thought of a paradox as something unexplainable, yet I like that definition.
    Hopefully, we'll get a few more folks thoughts later today, yet I'm sure with all those horrible storms visiting blogs isn't on the top of anyones list right now.
    I'm praying for those poor folks who have lost so much!

  9. Thank you for bringing up the storms, JoAnn. I'm sure there are many here who are affected in some way, if not by their own families, but possibly with friends and loved ones. And I know it's not over in the East. Prayers to all. Am really enjoying what's coming across here regarding that word Paradox too!

  10. This is a great interview, would love to check out the book:)

  11. Shirley, thanks again for hosting me on your blog!

    Toyin... another new face. Thanks for stopping by.

  12. An apple orchard guide? What did you do? "Here's a Golden Delicious. To your left is a Granny Smith."

    Good interview.

  13. Barbara,

    LOL-- that's too funny. Actually, the tour was for school age children. We talked about how an apple grows. We start from teaching about how long it takes from a seed to grow into a fruit-producing tree, through pollination, and harvest. We also showed them how to make apple cider, and what "Farmer Jim's" job was at the orchard. The tour took about 1.5 - 2 hours.


  15. Great! Thanks again for hosting me~

  16. You were a blessing to have with us, JoAnn.