Tuesday, May 19, 2009

ERIN BROWN...Someone you gotta meet!


Erin K. Brown is a freelance proofreader, copyeditor, and writer. She is the technical editor for Christian Fiction Online Magazine, and has served as a Christy Award judge for many years. Even after homeschooling her seven children, she believes she still has a lot to learn. She and her husband, Bill, make their home in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley of Montana, surrounded by their children and grandchildren, a fat cat, and two dogs. You can visit Erin at http://www.writeeditor.net/ .

SKC: Welcome Erin. I hope you will take a moment to tell us about the book you have out, or any newest project you are working on.

EB: The Lost Coin was released the end of April 2009. It is the story of Elaina, who took her family, faith, and good upbringing for granted. She leaves her hometown, eager to pursue a life of independence and adventure. Then she meets handsome, worldly Nick Weston. Beneath his veneer of charm, Nick, a seasoned con artist, exploits Elaina’s naivety, making her a pawn in his own agenda. Seeing her once innocent life spiral out of control, Elaina becomes desperate and commits the unthinkable. Will she—can she?—find her way back home, back to her family, and back to her faith?

SKC: Sounds like a great story! I’ve not had the opportunity until now to interview an author who has self-published. Why don't you tell us how you got started with self-publishing?

EB: It all goes back to how The Lost Coin came into existence. I am a member of The Christian PEN, a network of Christian editors. A fellow member sent a request to the loop that one of her friends needed an editor but couldn’t afford to pay. Would anyone be interested in editing it in exchange for a percentage of royalties? I felt a tugging to respond. When I read the draft, I saw that it had an excellent storyline, but this was the author’s, Monica Cane, first foray into fiction, so it lacked dialogue, character development, sub-plots. So I fleshed out characters and expanded the plot. But what was truly remarkable was that I caught Monica’s heart and soul—the credit goes to God. Monica had self-published some of her nonfiction works, so we decided to self-publish TLC. And even more remarkable is that Monica and I have never met!

SKC: What a great inspiration all in itself! And you are so right; the credit always goes to God, doesn’t it. What keeps you motivated at your computer?

EB: I’m a goal setter. So when I’m not editing someone else’s work, I set a certain amount of time or a number of pages to complete. Some days the words and ideas flow; other days I feel like pounding my head against the wall to get the dam to break!

SKC: I think goals are so important. I couldn't agree with you more. How disciplined are you each day with your writing, and when did you begin to take writing seriously?

EB: I have to admit that if I get involved in an editing project, the writing gets shoved to the side. But even when I’m not writing, my mind is going over various plots and character ideas.

I’ve homeschooled our seven children, from K-12. The “baby” will finish next year. That means I’ve been teaching for over twenty-five years. It wasn’t until I was down to teaching the last three that I began devoting serious time to writing and editing.

SKC: You sound like an industrious woman, Erin. As busy as you are, what is next on the horizon for you?

EB: I’m working on a couple of projects that are resources to help homeschooling parents address and overcome the typical issues and difficulties they face on their journey of educating their children.

SKC: That sounds great. And resources for homeschooling parents are always needed these days. I’m sure you’ll do great. Perhaps one day you will write a book dealing with self-editing. We authors, especially newer ones like myself, are continuously looking for those books that offer assistance to us with our craft.
I understand you wish to offer a book to one of our visitors who will write in. And please be sure to tell the readers where you can be found.

EB: I want to offer a copy of The Lost Coin. Be sure to visit me at http://www.writeeditor.net/ .

Thank you so much, Erin. I hope we get a good crowd to come by and meet you. It's been a pleasure having you here at http://apenforyourthoughts.blogspot.com/
We have a winner of Erin's book, The Lost Coin! Congratulations to Caree A of Oregon. Your book will be on its way soon, Caree. Be sure to check back in a couple of weeks and keep trying for new books.

Blessngs All, Shirley


  1. What a "novel" approach to publication. Your noncapitalistic approach warmed my heart.

    Thanks for this post, Shirley, and thanks, Erin, for sharing!


  2. And thank YOU, Patti, for taking the time to write in! I know Erin will be pleased, and I imagine you'll hear from her soon.

    Many blessings to you!

  3. Erin, thanks for the interview. It's a pleasure to meet you.

    Many blessings,



  4. Thank you for stopping by and introducing yourselves. The Lost Coin is my first foray into fiction and even now, when I look at the finished product and think about how God brought Monica and I together I am amazed . . . and very pleased!

  5. This sounds like an interestingg way to work. I'm glad to learn a little about self-publishing and how it works. Thanks so much.
    Janice Ian

  6. I loved the interview and would be interested in winning a book.