Thursday, January 8, 2009

What Will You Commit To?

I hope you, like me, are doing your best to keep those little vows and commitments you made within your heart during the month of January. Those plans on how you might make this year a little bit better than last year.

We all have our ups and downs, our trials and our blessings. But have you often considered the importance of a vow you make either with yourself or with God?

Always, remember, as we learn so well from King David, how a vow is like a debt a person owes. When we make a promise to God or to ourselves, it is so important to consider that which we have promised, and then do our best to follow through on that pledge we've made. Even it is with ourselves.

I know we won't be sorry we did. Especially if that commitment was important enough for us to make it in the first place.

Have you thought about a promise you have made in the last few weeks? Did you place it in your journal so you wouldn't forget? How are you doing in fulfilling it?
I would love to hear how you are doing. It is so good to encourage one another in these types of things. Drop me a line and I'll share with you mine too. I can use all the support from around me I can get.

I look forward to hearing from you! A copy of my new devotional will go to the name I select when I draw names in a few weeks.


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