Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Overcoming the issues of the day with HIM - Come visit with June Foster

Author June Foster is a retired teacher with a BA in Education and a MA in counseling. June has written four novels for Desert Breeze Publishing. The Bellewood Series, Give Us This Day, As We Forgive, and Deliver Us, and Hometown Fourth of July. June's book, Ryan's Father, will be available from WhiteFire Publishing in the New Year. For All Eternity, Red and the Wolf, and Misty Hollow, are set to be published in the near future. June loves to write stories about characters who overcome the issues in their lives by the power of God and His Word. June uses her training in counseling and her Christian beliefs in creating characters who find freedom to live godly lives.

Let's talk to June for a few minutes.

SKC:       What book or project would you like to tell us about today, June?
JC    My novel, Ryan's Father, will be out in January with WhiteFire Publishing. The print copy will be available in April. This book is very dear to my heart. I've broached a sensitive subject in this contemporary romance but felt it was one God would have me write. My hero, a young school teacher, is a devout Christian. For years he's questioned why he never had the attraction toward woman that other guys talk about. As he begins work on an annex to his church for needy children and teens, he discovers a secret he thought he'd buried. He feels an attraction for his male partner in the project. I need to say that I wrote Ryan's story from a Christian, Biblical worldview yet at the same time tried to keep my character's thoughts and feelings realistic for someone experiencing same sex attraction. To set the record straight, the reading is appropriate for late teens to adults.
SKC:       What inspired you to come up with writing in your genre?  

JC:    All my books are contemporary, inspirational romance. I think I chose this genre because within the romance between two people, I spotlight more than just romance. My characters struggle with everyday problems yet find victory through the Lord and His word. I pray that readers can identify with the issues and find help in their own lives.
SKC:       What do you think it takes to write a good book?

JC:   I believe first, there needs to be a good story with a pertinent message—one the author believes in. One the writer is passionate about. Then the writer needs to become skilled in using the tools of writing to  pen a compelling tale.
SKC:   What is your process of writing a novel, briefly—from conception to revision?
JCFirst, I have an idea in my mind. Then I begin by doing research. I become familiar with the place where the novel is set, any particular quirks or characteristics of my hero and heroine, the lifestyles of people about whom I'm writing, etc. Since I'm definitely not a "seat of the pants" writer, I create a chapter by chapter synopsis and ask one of my amazing critique partners to look it over and see what changes I need to make. Then I do a first draft, writing the entire book. But that's just the beginning. Later, I edit my own chapters probably 3-4 times adding in needed internal dialogue and character actions, then send it out chapter by chapter to my critique groups. After their critiques, I make the suggested changes. And a lot of the time, I hire a freelance editor to take it from there. It's a long process but I love telling the stories the Lord puts on my heart.
SKC:  What was the difference to you with writing a trilogy and writing a standalone novel?
JC:   No real difference. My writing techniques were the same. But I loved writing my Bellewood trilogy for Desert Breeze because the setting and the characters remained the same. In each novel, I added a new hero or heroine, depending on the story. One of the advantages was I already "knew" most of the characters as I continued their story.

SKC:   Please give us some hints about your trilogy and also which one you would like to add as a giveaway.
Give Us This Day -
Jess Colton battles a food addiction, and Holly Harrison will never escape from her mistake. Can their romance survive their rocky pasts? 
As We Forgive -
Controlled by his past, Pastor Tim Garrett must overcome anger or lose his job and the woman he loves. 
Deliver Us -
The college man who coaxed Jillian Coleman upstairs that night is no more than a blur in her memory, but the consequences would haunt her forever. Ten years later, Riley Mathis can't tell Jillian he's the father of the child she aborted. The truth would destroy them.

A signed copy of Give Us This Day or As We Forgive is going to made available to one of the guests who leaves a comment for June. 
A few purchase sites for the trilogy books will be listed. Take time to check them out.


Give Us This Day

As We Forgive
Deliver Us





  1. June, I so appreciate your willingness as a Christian woman to find compassion for people whose concerns are often hot buttons. Your book, Deliver Us, that deals with abortion is one example. This upcoming release sounds like another and I look forward to reading it.

  2. Lynette, thank you so much for your comment. Yes, the Lord has put these heavy issues on my heart. I pray that within a fictional story, some may find hope in their own struggles.

    Shirley, thank you for featuring me on your blog today.