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The Christmas season helps us to remember how awesome God is…how much He loves us no matter who we matter what we've done.  God sent us his Son to live that perfect life, to die for our sins, and to rise again to give us hope for eternal life.  God sent us a Christmas gift we need to take hold of.
We learn a lot about God's gift for us  as we look at some of the Women of the Bible.  I thought it would be good to re-introduce you to some of the women who played a part in the birth of Jesus Christ.  Some were kind enough to join me here at A PEN FOR YOUR THOUGHTS.

Let’s talk to the ladies…

SDC: Please, everyone, take a moment to tell us about yourselves. 
Tamar: My name is TAMAR. Who am I?....What did I do?...Why did I do it?
I have been deceitful. I fooled my father-in-law and played a part in causing him to sin. You see, I played the harlot, though it wasn't my nature before. But if you take the time to read about me, you will come to understand why.
And because God loved me just as I was, He allowed me to be included in the line of Christ.  I am thankful for that privilege.

SDC: Thank you for sharing that with us Tamar. Will you tell us a little about yourself, Rahab?

Rahab: My name is RAHAB. I am pretty famous to many of you. They called me a HARLOT. My reputation has been extremely questionable. But because I was helpful to God's people, even as I was,  God loved me enough to placed ME in the line of Christ too.  He saw my faith and He honored me for it! I hope you'll take the time to look up my story.
SDC: We will definitely do that. It sounds like great writing material. How about you, Ruth. We would love to hear what you have to say.
Ruth: Yes, my name is RUTH. Everyone around knew I wasn’t a Jew.  I was a Moabite -- one of those Gentiles.  To the people back in Bible times, I was a foreigner.  I didn’t come from the right place to be considered for the line of Jesus.
But you must take the time to read about my life, and especially to read about the wonderful man who claimed me for himself (Boaz). Even though I came from another place not considered appropriate to be in the line of Jesus, God still chose me.  Why?  Because it doesn’t matter to Him where I came from.  He sent His Son to be the Saviour of all the world not just part of the world.

No matter where you come from
No matter your past which simply does not matter 
God still wants to claim you and I for his own.
SDC: You have an awesome story. I could read about you over and over. Let us hear from you, Bathsheba.
Bathsheba: Yes, hello. My name is Bathsheba.  I am quite Queenly as the wife of David, and I know I am beautiful.  But I did something I shouldn’t have. I wasn't always David's wife.  I hurt my husband, and in doing so, I played a part in his death while he was at war. In my weakness I didn’t know how to say NO to the King.  Because of this I fell into sin. 

And yet! Would you be believe it? God still chose me to be in the line of His son Jesus Christ.   

No matter what you look like or how weak you might be
Even if you have made decisions in your life that you are sorry about now
God still wants YOU to be part of His kingdom
by accepting His wonderful gift of Christmas Jesus Christ.

SDC: Thank you, Bathsheba. I know it isn't easy to speak to our lives of sin.
We'd like to hear from you too, Elizabeth.
Elizabeth: How do you do? My name is ELIZABETH. I’m one of those relations (someone’s in-law, another’s cousin). I didn’t really do anything special as far as I'm concerned.  There was a time, though, when my husband lost his voice for a while. (This might be nice for many of you who are wives, perhaps).

Anyway, my husband lost his voice because he didn’t believe something that was told him by an angel,  therefore it was decided that he should not speak.  (Often difficult for a man, doubtless to say)
Anyway, back to me. Early in my pregnancy, my baby leaped inside me when  my cousin Mary came to visit. No wonder, too. My cousin Mary  was carrying the Savior of the world.  Think about it!  The moment Mary came around my own coming baby actually leaped in my womb. Woah!  (We named him John by the way.) I felt it an extreme honor to take notice of the little life inside me and how real he was.

And since God chose me to carry the forerunner to the savior of the world, that was a great honor in itself.

Though I hadn't thought myself special, God thought otherwise. Though I wasn't sure just what my purpose was, God knew otherwise. God has a purpose for all our lives, whether big or small.  Isn't it awesome that He will find a way to use all of us in some way for His glory. 
SDC: Thank you, Elizabeth. Your story really blesses us. Now, shall we hear from you, Anna?

Anna: Yes, I would love to. My name is ANNA. My husband died when I was barely seven years his bride. I decided then to give myself to the temple.  I didn’t want to be considered a castaway which often happened to young widows like me in Bible times.  I did not want to end up out of circulation or put on the shelf. Many of you can understand this. We don't want to be shelved and of no use to anyone.

When I gave myself to the temple, God gave me a promise early. He told me I would get to see the Messiah before I died. What greater blessing could anyone have than that? I ask you.

SDC: What an honor. Yes, maybe you sometimes feel as if you have been  been cast aside by someone.  But God never forgets his own. He will not forget you or me as we remain faithful to Him. He will never let you or me down. That's why he sent His perfect gift for us to take hold of. Once again I ask. Have you done so yet?

Mary: Before you sign off, let me tell you a little about me. I am MARY. I was young and innocent when all this happened; just minding my own business. Then this carpenter Joseph took notice of me and asked me to be his bride. I blush as I think of it now. And of course I said yes. 

It was after this that the surprise came. While we waited to enter in to the bridal suite (You had to wait a long time in those days.) I remained a good girl. I remained innocent.
Then I got pregnant anyway, and if an angel hadn’t come to explain what was going on inside me, I would have had a lot of explaining to do...about something I knew nothing about. 
You see, GOD MY SAVIOR chose me to carry his SON. It was an absolute miracle. 

I could only rejoice; I could only magnify Him. 
I couldn't quit believing what an honor and a privilege that had been given me! He that is mighty did a great thing.  
Holy is His name.
SDC: Your testimony to us, Mary, is a blessing beyond measure.
Thank you, Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, Elizabeth, Anna, and Mary. It's been an pleasure to have you all here with us at A Pen for Your Thoughts.

Now that we've heard from these precious women,
what can we reflect on this Christmas Season of 2013?
  • According to Tamar, the past does not matter.
  • According to Rahab, our reputations may be questionable but God looks beyond that.
  • According to Ruth, God’s not looking at our heredities.
  • According to Bathsheba, He knows we often feel weak.
  • According to Elizabeth, He knows we often aren’t sure about our purpose, but He has a purpose for us.
  • According to Anna, He is well aware of the choices we make before we make them.
  • According to Mary, He can bring about amazing and awesome miracles regardless of who we are.

What you and I as Women of the Lord need to remember is that the gift of Christmas is there for us to accept and keep and cherish. God loves us and has chosen us. 
Have you decided what you are going to do with the gift of His Son this year?  My prayer is that you will receive Him if you haven't yet, and that you all have a glorious Christmas keeping Jesus Christ at the center of your season.

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