Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Please Join Me in Welcoming Michelle Sutton!

Welcome Michelle! We are all anxious to visit with you for a while. Please fill is in the details of the delightful Michelle Sutton.

I’m Editor-in-Chief of Christian Fiction Online Magazine. I also am a member of ACFW and the AZ group CWOW (Christian Writers of the West). I have also authored several books. The first title, “It’s Not About Me,” was released in Sept 2008. The sequel is coming out in Sept 2009 and is titled “It’s Not About Him.” I am currently working on several other titles, coauthoring with folks, and have a variety of projects being considered by different publishing houses. When I’m not doing all of the above, I’m signing on the worship team at church, working for my government job, or spending time with my family.

SKC: You sound as busy as a worker ant! Now, tell us about the project you are working on now.

MS. Several projects I can’t discuss yet for various reasons. I did start a new stand alone title that I plan to putz around with between my other projects. Meanwhile, the cover of It’s Not About Him should be coming out soon, then come the edits, then the final product. I’ve got plenty to do.

SKC: How right you are! What inspired you to write YA novels, and do you plan to venture out from that as well?

MS: Actually, my YA title started out as women’s fiction and just ended up being called YA despite the universal appeal to readers, mainly because of the subject matter. All of my other books not included in this series are women’s fiction or romance. So branching out in to other genres isn’t an issue. I’ve already been there.

SKC: I've read your work and know how greatly it can be received by both young and old! How disciplined are you each day with your writing, and when did you begin to take it seriously?

MS: I pretty much took it seriously from the get go when I started writing in August of 2003. My family thought it was just a hobby for a few years, though, until I kept attending writers conferences and I wrote about five books (I’m long past that now.)

SKC: I often wonder if many families are like that. Mine thought the same at first too, Michelle. What is your favorite room in the house and why?

MS: All rooms are fine with me. I tend to stay in the living room because that way I can interact with everyone when we are home. In fact, that’s where I’m at right now.

SKC: A lot of my readers ask this question so I thought I would bring it to you as well. How do you come up with the names of your heroes and heroines?

MS: Honestly? I just let the character tell me what their name should be. I’ve never gotten stuck on a name.

SKC: Interesting! Can you tell us what you think is one of the most important things you have learned so far since becoming a published writer?

MS: It takes forever to sell a book, even with an agent. They say the average author sells their fourth book. Well, my fourth book is the one that got me my agent, but the fifth book is the one that actually sold. So I tell people to keep writing and don’t stop. Don’t fixate on one book. That will hinder your publication journey. I kept writing until something sold.

SDC: I like finding out your thoughts on agents and publishing. I think many will gain a better understanding of the publishing field by reading what you have written here, Michelle. What do you think is the most difficult for you, the beginning, middle, or the end of the story and why?

MS: None. I don’t find any part of the process difficult. I’m serious. I’ve written over ten books and have yet to get stuck anywhere. It’s like my mind knows just what to do and where to go. It helps that I mull stories over in my mind long before I start writing them.

SDC: Wow! I'll bet a lot of other writers would like to have your brain, then! That's great! If you could meet any author in the world who would it be and what would you want to say to them? Have you thought about that?

MS: I’ve already met so many famous authors, my favorites being Francine Rivers and Liz Curtis Higgs. I suppose I’d love to meet Ted Dekker. I’ve seen some video interviews and I think he’d be cool to meet in person.

SDC: I have to read up on Tedd Dekker. I, unfortunately, don't know him.

Michelle, I understand you have a book to offer one of our visitors. Please fill us in and also let us know where people can find you, as well.

MS: Yes, I’d love to do a drawing. But make sure if you enter your name that you are okay with reading an edgy, fast paced novel. This is not a sweet romance. It’s real life stuff with drama and trauma, but also romance and faith.

To find out more you can visit my website at http://www.michellesutton.net/ or my blogspot blog at
http://edgyinspirationalauthor.blogspot.com/ or my ning site
http://edgychristianfictionlovers.ning.com/ or my online magazine
http://christianfictiononlinemagazine.com/ . Peace!

And now we want to congratulate Annette Taylor, of
Albion, IL! Woo Hoo! Annette! Your book will be on its way! Please come back again for another offer soon here at A Pen for Your Thoughts!


  1. Enjoyed reading the interview here and learning more about Michelle. Her books sound very interesting.


  2. Michelle's books sound great! I enjoy reading about real-life situations.

  3. Wow, I am impressed you don't get stuck in your process. I think I would get impatient with the "stewing" the story in my mind and just want to get it on paper.

    Edgy sounds GREAT and I would love a chance to win a copy!


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    God bless!!!
    Donald James Parker
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    Everyone have an awesome day....

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  11. You guys are awesome! You know that? Your comments are wonderful, and I know Michelle will be super blessed when she pops over and sees them.
    Please invite more to come by.
    And I am also wanting to thank those who are blessing ME by signing up to follow my blog. I would like to give you all a great big hug! Maybe someday.

    Keep em coming!
    In HIM

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