Tuesday, February 17, 2009


March is such a great month! Not only does St Patty come visiting, but also we get to see spring and baby birds (or at least nesting mamas), and buds begin popping forth from the tiny branches of fruit trees and flowers that are tired of resting all winter.

Unfortunately, some of those buds that spring forth a wee bit too soon get caught when a late frost comes, and just like that (whoof!) they are gone, and then you don't know what to expect for cobbler time if your fruit doesn't show up when it's supposed to.

Speaking of cobbler, I have to tell you, I love not only eating the stuff, I also love making it, and finding the oldest recipes I can, especially the peach kind.

But really, that doesn't have much to do with St Patty who will come stopping by around the 17th of the this month, and partly to wish my husband and me a Happy Anniversary. As you know my last name (by marriage) is Connolly, so now you can see why that day is extra special to this Irish and Scots-Irish household.

We are looking forward to a grand day to remember just a little bit more how special we are to each other. (This year will make ... well, lots of years of together!) I know for some of you that was probably even before you were twinkles in your mom's and dad's eyes! Oh well. I got married REAL REAL REAL young. Honest!

Anyway, I wanted to remind you of that St Patty contest I told you about before. If you would like to win a special St Patrick's day prize along with a copy of my newest devotional, I would love to have you write in and tell me what you like about this day or even this month.

I will draw names at the end of the month. And I look forward to selecting one of you as my winner.

Tell your other friends to come by too. And I'd love to have you sign up to follow my blog.
Congratulations to Dena Murny! You have won a devotional and a pair of IRISH SOX!


  1. I love this month because my birthday is March 1st :)


  2. March means a lot to me because it starts spring and I love spring most of all.

    I really like your articles, Shirley.

    Donna Moorehead

  3. March means new life.
    Thanks for the thought.

    Dena Murny

  4. Thank you for your article. Please enter me in your contest. I love stuff like this.
    Jane Witherspoon