Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Romance of Redemption

A Romantic at Heart

Intreat me not to leave thee… ~Ruth 1:16b

 I just finished refreshing my way through the Book of Ruth after a long absence from that portion of the Bible.

You remember Ruth and Boaz…the beautiful romance of redemption.  To me it is one of the most beautiful love stories God gave us in His Word.  I am a romantic at heart, anyway, but there is so much in this book that reaches deep into any person’s heart.  

Boaz (the hero) was a man of honor—a man who greatly loved the Lord God. Boaz served God with all of his heart. He was not a priest -- just a regular man. He did not  have a pastoral ministry. He simply loved the Lord, and it showed by nearly everything he did.

The way Boaz represented his family was respected by everyone.  He stood for something.  When men stand for something,  as Boaz did, it usually means they are standing for an important issue for their lives.  Maybe they don’t necessarily consider their lives as types of Christ, but when I look back at Boaz, I realize how he could be considered to be that very thing.  

Boaz was several years older than Ruth, (the heroine of this book). God showed no concern for that. He chose Ruth so she could bring a fresh sparkle to Boaz’s life, and, boy, did she. Boaz brought to her life a joy and refreshing. 

What better hero and heroine can there be than that?

When Ruth lost her husband back in her homeland, she needed solidarity from another area so she went to a different place to get it.  Where she came from, she had no one to whom she could entrust her life.  She also knew little about God.
It’s interesting how she could have easily turned around; she could have gone back…but she didn't.  Ruth listened instead to the spirit speak to her heart, and by doing so, she became obedient to God's call . Because of her obedience to God, when Boaz entered the picture, she saw God's better way. 

From the minute Boaz spotted Ruth coming and taking her place in his field, he was drawn to her as well. It didn’t matter to him she was a foreigner. The moment his eyes focused her way, he was impressed. Doubtless, he saw more in this young woman than meets the natural eye.  
We come to see how God knew what was going on between those two. He knew what they would do before they did. He obviously wanted Ruth to leave the land she came from and go to a distant land just so she and Boaz would meet. 
Just think. If Ruth had not been obedient to God -- if she hadn’t gone to Boaz, it would have changed the entire course of history.

I wonder how willing I would be to leave the things I am familiar with for the will of God in my life even if I had no idea where it might lead. 
Ruth showed me she was not only willing she was loyal, compliant, faithful to follow through. In the 10th verse of Chapter 3,  it showed she was also eager to accept God's choice for her. She showed this by immediately accepting Boaz’s hand and proposal. A man she didn't even know.
Ruth showed her trust in the Lord here too. She listened to Him speak to her heart. she followed through with His direction as taught to her by her former mother-in-law.

How often do I show my trust in God in all things?

As Ruth and Boaz became one we find that later she became great grandmother to the famous King David, who by lineage takes us right down to the Lord Jesus Christ. What a great example both were in showing all of us how important it is to be obedient and willing to trust the Lord in all things. I couldn't think of a more perfect ending to a love story, could you?


The Book of Ruth -- Truly a Romance of Redemption!

I See God in the Thorns n Thistles 
Shirley Kiger Connolly 

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