Monday, November 11, 2013

Stories for the holidays


Saundra Staats McLemore, author of Abraham and Anna and Joy out of Ashes, is here to share with us the first two novels in her Christmas Hotel Series for Desert Breeze Publishing: Christmas Hotel, and Christmas for Lucy.
The third story in this trilogy will be Christmas Redemption, Saundra's  work in progress set to release in the fall of 2014.

Saundra served as the President and founder of McLemore & Associates, Inc., a nationwide sales and marketing business for the performing arts.  Her passion has always been history and  reading historical Christian fiction.  Saundra and her husband presently reside in the lovely state of Ohio.

Christmas is just around Thanksgiving's corner.
Let's learn a little about Saundra's stories for the holiday season
It's December, 1941 and Jerilyn Marlene Seifert receives the dreaded telegram she's prayed she'd never have to read. Her Navy husband Ken has perished in the bombing at Pearl Harbor.

Devastated, she boards a train for Nashville, to meet her husband's estranged family, but at a train stop along the way she discovers to her horror her purse has been stolen. Now widowed, four months pregnant, and
penniless, Jerilyn finds herself stranded in Franklin, Kentucky -- a complete stranger. Terrified for her future, she must learn to trust again. But is that even possible?

Jerilyn drifted from the Lord years ago, and she feels unworthy to ask Him for help, until she stumbles upon a mysterious diary that will change her life forever. The compelling secrets at Christmas Hotel unleash emotions Jerilyn thought had died with her husband.
On Lucy's eighth birthday her mama dies and she's now alone. Can a dog and an old man aid her in her quest for love?

Lucy's eighth birthday is December first, 1954, the same day her mama dies leaving her an orphan. Lucy’s cruel uncle and aunt throw her out of the apartment in Bowling Green, Kentucky she had shared with her mama, and into the street.
That night, cold and alone, Lucy prays to the baby Jesus lying in the manger of the Nativity scene in front of the Methodist church. She cries out for His help, protection, and love. Later, she drifts into a restless sleep, huddled near the fountain in Fountain Square Park. In the night, Lucy awakens shivering, but a huge dog lies down beside her and keeps her warm.
The next morning, she meets an old man, and the dog and the old man help her in her search for someone to love her and keep her safe.

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  1. I've read the first two books of McLemore's Christmas Hotel series. Take it from me you won't be disappointed.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Jean. They sound like perfect stocking stuffers, don't they.