Monday, December 31, 2012

2013, 2013, 2013

 Are you ready to have a happy, healthy, blessed new year?
Starts with prayer.
Stays with being willing to take a risk and step out of faith.
Continues with growing in God's Word.
Is sustained by serious commitment.
Is worthwhile when we give of ourselves
Using boldness to spread the gospel
Watch for the Lord's return for His bride

My personal resolution?
  • Never stop growing in God's Word
  • Keep up the prayer for my Country
  • Pray daily for my Family
  • Pray regularly for Friends and Loved ones
  • Pray for Enemies
  • Trust God every day, not just now and then
  • Stand for Righteousness
  • Keep my standards high
  • Remember the importance of the Values, Morals, and Principles God put before me and keep them

And, oh, so much more.
Anything else?
  • That God would open the door for my family to move
  • That we would do what is necessary to accomplish our goals this year.
  • Write a good book :)
  • Read several good books :)


  1. Definitely write my first book. That's what I want to do.
    Maggie Lyndsey

  2. Gee Shirley. I liked all that you wrote. I would say those are my resolutions too. Happy New Year to your family. Janice Ian