Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What do you give thanks for

Every year I am reminded of how much I love and appreciate this time of year. I love being reminded by God of all the reasons I have to give Him thanks for giving me life -- for all the people who have been a part of my life over the years, and especially for all the circumstances I've been through that have made me appreciate God for bringing me through those circumstances and situations successfully.
In my Civil War romance, Flame from Within, my heroine Amethyst Rose loses her home and nearly all of those she loves. She has to walk away from much of what she's cared for all her life. The circumstances she goes through bring her pretty far down in her thinking about what might now happen to her in the future --  even whether it is worth it to go on. Worst of all, she has no knowledge of the her Heavenly Father who loves her and wants to be there for her, if she will only look to Him for help.

In my book, Say Goodbye to Yesterday, my heroine Annabelle, who has had a difficult past life, has to find a way to learn what it takes to forgive herself not only for her personal failures, but also for those who've done her wrong throughout her life, especially when the past keeps staring at her in the face. Worst of all, Annabelle has sadly forgotten she once had a good  relationship with the only One who can teach her there is a way to find forgiveness.


In my book, That Impossible Dream, my heroine Geraldine, learns early how her disabilities might make life difficult for her.  Because of her relationship with God, however, she's been able to accept herself just the way she is. It doesn't matter  what others think. At the same time, Still,as a young woman full of dreams and prayers, Geraldine can't help but wish some of her prayers might someday come true. But with so many disappointments throughout her life, can she come to the place where it simply won't matter one way or the other?
In all three of my "I See God" devotionals, (I See God in the Simple Things, I See God in the Thorns n Thistles, and I See God on the Narrow Road) I wanted to show the importance of living with thankfulness -- no matter what we go through -- no matter where we are -- regardless of the circumstance we find ourselves in or where we might find ourselves tomorrow.  We really can see God in everything, if we simply open our eyes. He's there.
Life can be special and we can have much to be thankful for if we keep our eyes focused on what's important.
During this month of Thanksgiving, do you have something unique for which you can especially give thanks? I hope you'll share it with us.
Even the smallest joy you might have to offer is important to us here at A Pen for Your Thoughts. I look forward to drawing your name and giving the winner either a gift card for the e-book of choice, or sharing a signed copy with you of one of my print books.
God bless you all this Thanksgiving


  1. I give thanks for my family. I don't get to see them much, but I always look forward to that moment when they come by or we get to go see them.
    Janice Ian

  2. Thanks for this feature. I love Thanksgiving too. I think we should be thankful for all things,just as it says in the bible. Betty Fimple windsor

  3. Just wanted to wish you a nice Thanksgiving. I like your graphics. so many dont think of this week as special.
    Susan H

  4. I don't know how unique it is, but I am thankful for all the writers and authors with whom I've crossed paths over the years. God makes us so different and we all have a life story based on our backgrounds that makes us who we are. But when writers get together the bond we have, especially if we write for Him, makes us like-minded kindred spirits and immediate friends.

    Blessings to you and all your visitors here, Shirley.