Monday, October 8, 2012

A Dream is More Than a Simple Wish.

Everyone loves dreams -- at least  good ones especially if they could actually come true. But what if such a thing is nigh to impossible?

I'm excited to be telling you about my new historical romance, the second in my Decisions Series, That Impossible Dream. Here's a hint of what the book is about.

By Shirley Kiger Connolly
Disabled woman finds hope when she learns she might marry the man of her lifetime dreams. That expectation is soon dashed when a disgruntled uncle blocks the betrothal, demoting Geraldine Jordan to the status of domestic servant.
Geraldine Jordan's lived all her life with an unpleasant disability. She learns the meaning of painful rejection early. Any probability of obtaining a respectable suitor one day to someone like Alistair McKenna the man of her lifetime dreams is slim to none.
When Geraldine is passed off to live with her controlling-zealot Uncle Henry, she grows weary of waiting for that impossible dream until a treasured aunt steps in to  save the day. Auntie  immediately arranges a potential marriage for her niece with esteemed Chicago banker in search of a wife and mother for his  ward. The disgruntled Uncle Henry,   who believes  Geraldine is unsuitable for any man of status,  sets out to block the betrothal. He quickly demotes her to status of domestic servant to a family west of New York.

Will the shattered Geraldine lose all hope when she learns the potential suitor Auntie arranged was none other than her secret love, Alistair McKenna?
Yearning to read a tender story about a young woman
with problems  like so many, who too often 
must struggle with acceptance 
in both yesterday's and today's society? 

Enter my contest for a giveaway of either the first in my Decisions series, Say Goodbye to Yesterday,or my newest book That Impossible Dream.
       Send me your thoughts about women of today who are physcially challenged in today's society, and some of the things you have seen them have to go through. 
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THAT IMPOSSIBLE DREAM (Decisions Book Two) is an October 2012 release. Both this book and SAY GOODBYE TO YESTERDAY, my (Decisions Book One) are being made available as Ebooks and will be also offered in print in the spring and early summer of 2013.

It was true. Alistair and several in his grandmother's former community had learned long before about Jordan sisters' biological father, clearly a lowlife, if nothing else. He had assumed Captain Davies, besides his numerous offences, had obtained his mental incapacities during the war. Had Alistair been misinformed?
"My young niece will more aptly suit as a governess in your fine home. She will not be at ease doing anything else, son," the reverend finished.
Despite Reverend Jordan's insistence, and Alistair's reluctant agreement to hire Geraldine as governess in his home instead of wedding her, Alistair felt more concerned than ever. His decision seemed almost offensive now -- very near rash -- to ask of her such a thing.
He rubbed his chin as he turned to the housekeeper. "You were saying Miss Jordan has improved?" he asked.
"Don't need no improvement, Miss Geraldine she don't. The lass, she's healthy as a brand new blade of grass, she is. Don't see it changing none, neither." She waddled off ahead of him.
Bewildered, he followed behind the housekeeper. The two arrived at the open archway leading into the parlor from which he was sure he had heard the voices earlier.
Alistair's curiosity piqued again, when he stole a glance at the attractive fair-haired woman sitting peacefully on a settee. Not unlike the young girl, he had seen in the portrait at the top of the stairs, this fine lady was also writing something in a leather-bound book.
Alistair seldom forgot a face. The woman in front of him was dressed for mourning -- most likely in remembrance of her aunt. Except for her slightness in size, she was not only beautiful to gaze at, but also much more developed (and quite splendidly at that) than the girl, he affectionately remembered. When she looked up and he took in her large sparkling blue eyes then those sweet lips he could never forget, his breath caught in his throat. The lovely woman in the chair ahead was years beyond the youthful fourteen-year-old girl of the past.

Shirley Kiger Connolly is a teacher, speaker, wife, mom, and grandmother, who writes both historical-inspirational fiction romances and lighthearted devotional books of reflection, which includes her "I SEE GOD" series.  That Impossible Dream recently finaled in the OKRWA IDA contest.   An English and Journalism Major at college, Shirley is a graduate of Institute of Children's Literature, a member of ACFW, FHL, RWA and enjoys being a part of Hearts through History Romance Writers. She and her husband now live  on the Southern Coast of Oregon with their plethora of animals.
Be sure to drop me a line with your comments and your Decisions e-book choice -- either Say Goodbye to Yesterday (Book One) or That Impossible Dream (Book Two) to get your name in my basket of potential winners. Shirley's Flame From Within her first historical is  also available at any online bookstore in both Print and Ebook.


  1. Thanks so much, Patty. I was excited to write it. Let me know if you are interested in being put on the list, and if so, which book you are interested in winning. God bless you, Shirley

  2. I'm really looking forward to reading you book. I have read Say Goodbye to Yesrday and really enjoyed it so much.
    As far as the disability question, I am disabled myself. I know how difficult it is. Really want to see how you put it together in a story.
    Beth Gibson

  3. Your book sounds SO interesting, Shirley. I can't wait to check it out.
    I've seen what some friends of mine have gone through being physically challenged. Those things can be so hurtful.
    Thanks for doing a book that brings it out.
    Janice Ian

  4. I've read Flame from Within and loved it. Someone told me that Say Goodbye to Yesterday was a follow up to your first one. So Impossible Dream is the next one after? Please put me in for Say Goodbye and once I read it I will go get That Impossible Dream. It really sounds good.
    Darlene Williams
    Lake County