Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Another One Gone to the Dogs?

Join me in welcoming Emma Lane to A Pen for Your Thoughts.  Emma Lane lives in Western New York near Lake Erie on a few picturesque acres with her ever patient husband. They own and operate a small herbtique which keeps their days busy and interesting during the summer months. They have two brilliant grown-up children and a wonderful pair of grandchildren. In one way or another, the entire family contributes to her stories. They are her biggest fans and she is ever thankful for it.
One of Emma's favorite quotes: “I never saw a printed word I did not like.”

Skc: Welcome Emma. How long have you been writing and when was your first book published?

EL: I’ve probably been writing since I learned the alphabet, but seriously to be published around 10 years. Don’t you think the tendency is always there for those who write? It wants only for an author to sit down and put the words on paper that have been floating around in our heads. I published a Traditional Regency, A SCANDALOUS DESIGN, in Oct of last year.  SANDPIPER Affair, a Romantic Suspense, @ Desert Breeze followed soon afterwards with the sequel, GONE TO THE DOGS this year.

Skc: Tell us who your favorite character is in your newest book and why.

EL: There’s a sassy black Labrador on the cover, but I have to say that my heroine, Abigail Naycomb is my favorite. She has flaws, but she is honest about them. Her job as a wildlife photographer allows me to follow her around and enjoy nature through her eyes.

Skc: Where do you write, Emma?

EL: I have a lovely office with wide windows that look out into a park. I’m a lucky lady.

Skc: Tell us what you are currently reading.  

EL: Only one book? I usually have several going at the same time. I’m reading a Julia Quinn historical that a friend gave me, a Jan Karon and rereading an Anne George. I have a line of ebooks I want to read when I get a moment to breathe.

Skc: What accomplishment(s) are you most proud of, writing-related or not?

EL: Well, I made it through the growing up years of my children. I’m pretty satisfied with how they turned out. I managed a college degree. I intended to get my masters but I flunked parking lot.  I have a small plant business, I do flower arrangements for church and other places, I paint-and, of course, I pound the keyboard for sheer fun. I used to have a pretty wicked back hand in tennis, but I gave it up when a painful tennis elbow arrived. 

Skc: How long does it normally take you to write a book? How many books do you write per year?

EL: It depends on the length. I can write a short story in a day or two. GONE TO THE DOGS and its prequel took me over a month. That was just the first draft. As we all know, that’s just the beginning. Edit, edit, edit follows.  Sometimes I’ve written more than three in a year. Other times I just edit the heck out of the ones I’ve already written. I have seven ebooks either under contract or published, both at Desert Breeze and Musa Publishing.

Skc: Do you edit as you go or wait until completing the first draft? How many drafts do you normally do for each novel? Do you have a certain editing procedure that you follow? 

EL: I write the first draft before I edit. I edit until it’s complete. Some go faster than others.

Skc: I'm just full of questions, aren't I. What do you have within reach as you write?

EL: On my desk are an Oxford dictionary and a Thesaurus. One bag of shelled walnuts, a calendar, stacks of printed emails I must attend and a can of Arizona ice tea/lemon.  Nearby is a bookcase with favorites I like to grab and read a bit now and then.

Skc: Which book are you offering as a giveaway? And please tell us how we can find you online.  

EL: SANDPIPER AFFAIR is a prequel to GONE TO THE DOGS. I offer a copy of it with the hopes of interesting the reader in the sequel. I think you’ll fall in love with Abby and Adam (the handsomest man in the world).

You can join me in a chat on Facebook. I’m Emma J Lane there. My blog is . Leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you. email is

Question for the viewers: Why do you want to read this book?


  1. Good interview. Your book titles make me terribly curious. I'm anxious to read your stories just by the titles and your description.
    Janice Ian

  2. Great interview. Love any book with dogs!

  3. I'd like to read it because the interview makes me like you. :) If I like an author, I generally like her work, too.

  4. lol I like you too, Patty. :) I have tons of tbr books. I've been busy editing a Regency. Gone to the Dogs and Sandpiper are nature settings. If you love chat about the environment and animals, you'll enjoy this read. Thanks for stopping by.
    Emma Janis Lane

  5. Thanks so much for hosting me, Shirley. It was fun.
    Emma Janis Lane

  6. Thanks for the interview. I love books about dogs. Will be interested in reading this.
    Betty Fimple

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