Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We All Get to that Breaking Point at Some Time. Read the perspective of this author and win a book...

Welcome Delores

Delores Goodrick Beggs is a prolific, award-winning writer. Her work is influenced by the tolerance of horses for imperfection, the warmth of hounds reaching out, and the caring of heart for all human conditions, packaged in whichever format her inspiration of the moment decrees.

Growing up, she was always writing because radio and television before closed captions failed to entertain. During her teens she wrote mostly nonfiction, poems and short stories, collecting them over the years in a box she saved one Christmas. Delores wrote the award-winning 1992 book How Can I Talk With You? Compensating Communication, Published by Peak Output Unlimited, Staceyville, Iowa, 50476.

As an adult with a hearing disability, she started her Place in the Heart western series evenings when she came home after working her day job, writing her own stories in the days before closed captions were added to television shows.

Breaking Point is the first book in her Place in the Heart series, and is available from Desert Breeze Publishing in various formats.  

SKC:  What inspired you to come up writing for your particular sub-genre, Delores?  Tell us about the circumstances.

Delores: Horses were what I know best so western was a logical writing choice, peopled with strong heroes - my father was a dream inspiration for a hero. Once I watched him curl a rope around his two arms and singlehandedly pull our horse out of the crevice she was stuck in while the volunteer fireman crew who couldn't get her out watched.

SKC:  How do you dealt with your patience when it comes to writing?

Delores: I have to admit I'm a compulsive writer.  My problem is forcing myself to take a break. Sad to say, it is my vacuum, my duster and my floor mop, all relegated to the end of my "To Do" list that need patience.

SKC:  Those "To Do" lists are quite familiar. You are a newer author coming into the field of writing. What have you learned so far?

Delores: Rewriting is an important part of the process. I write the story.  When I go over it again after I let it go cold, I see things I forgot and need to add and also things I've overdone. Corrections are needed. I need to do this twice, at least.

SKC:    Sometimes inspirational writers have a hard time being accepted in the “real” world (Outside of CBA).  What are your thoughts about inspirational writers writing Crossover Stories?   

Delores: I have to say I haven't noticed any discrimination about my writing. I have been fortunate to have previous publishings in many print magazines and web magazines with quite a few publishers - poetry, short stories, articles, my nonfiction "How Can I talk With You" book that was awarded a Santa Clarea County, CA Arts Fellowship.

SKC:  I'm glad to hear you say that. There should be no discrimination, should there. The magic of the first five pages… Tell us what gets you started on those first five pages of a brand new story.

Delores: My method is to write a one/two page description of the highs and lows journey of the hero and then the same of the heroine's journey to use in writing the book. 

SKC:  Many authors cringe when it comes to the moment they have to come up with their synopsis.  What would be your best advice to them?

Delores: See the prior answer. With the journey of both the hero and heroine as a guide the main points can be picked out and condensed.

SKC:  Great advice. After you finish your present project, what plans do you have?

Delores: Chuckle. My Muse is mad at me, it wants to start a couple of somethings new.

But first I need to reread once more the manuscript for Book Two of Place in the Heart, Substitute Lover, due to be published by Desert Breeze Publishing in December.

SKC: Which book do you wish to share with one of our responders?

Delores: Place in the Heart Book One, Breaking Point. The rest of the series characters relate in some way to those in Breaking Point.

SKC: Sounds great. Thanks for that and thank you so much for coming by. Please let us know where we can find your books.

Delores: Thank you for having me.  I enjoyed stopping by. Place in the Heart Book One Breaking Point can be found at Desert Breeze Publishing in various formats:

http://stores.desertbreezepublishing.com/-strse-290/From-The-Heart-Book/Detail.bok  also at major e-book outlets such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble.



  1. Interesting to learn more about you Dolores. I always enjoy reading about other people's writing journey.

  2. Thank you. Its what works for me.

  3. I love the fact that your Muse has a will and a personality!

  4. Delores Goodrick BeggsJune 26, 2012 at 3:14 PM

    My Muse can be so picky if I don't
    fall in line with her ideas immediately. She wants things her way.

  5. I find that helping one of my fellow struggling writers helps me gain perspective on my own journey. I am also a compulsive writer and it frustrates me to have to deal with the business of life. I always fear I will lose my momentum.

  6. Just wanted to stop by and say hello, Shirley and Delores.
    Very good interview--both of you.
    When I reach what I consider my breaking point--which has not occurred much in my life--I think I retreat. As I said, I don't recall many true episodes of such. But I do sort of pull out of the world for a while and hibernate, I guess. I'd never thought about what I do when it happens.
    So good to see you!

  7. I learned something about myself in my writing career. I am a very stubborn person. When I reach my breaking point, I dig in deeper. Never give up seems to be a new part of my character I didn't know I had. It has gotten through many a touch spot so am thankful for finding it.

    Best of luck to you with lots of readers, Delores.

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