Thursday, January 5, 2012

Angels Watching Over You and Me, My Lord? See what Lisa says

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about angels?  This week I am sharing with you, Lisa Grace, an author who chooses to write about angels in her stories, but in a different and unique way,  and with subject matter, I've never before shared about here at my blog.

Let's begin by learning a little about this author.

Lisa Grace lives with her family along the Gulf Coast of Florida. She loves to think she may have entertained angels, and is busy creating windows that open to the supernatural world that surrounds us. During her off time, Lisa enjoys hiking, fishing, boating, and watching nature. That's when she is not volunteering at her church where she works with the teens. Lisa says she uses what she calls the BIC (butt in chair) method to write two thousand words a day.  Her mission? To reach unsaved teens with all her young adult novels. To reach adult readers with her other work.

Angel in the Shadows, Book 1 and  Angel in the Storm, Book 2 have both  been optioned for a major movie by a production company that has worked on five Academy award winners including Fargo, Shakespeare in Love, and It's a Beautiful Life. Elaine P. English, Lisa's entertainment lawyer is at work, writing up the final negotiated changes to the contract. Lisa's most recent book, Angel in the Ice will be released as an eBook late this month. I know you must be as interested as I am to read this upcoming book.
Angel in the Shadows

Fifteen-year-old Megan Laughlin has a gift; or what seems like a curse at times. Megan sees angels and demons. Megan knows her destiny is to protect her friends against dark angels who try to sawy them into situations that can destroy their souls, their lives, and their eternity.
At school she recognizes an uber popular boy, as a demon hell-bent on detroying her and everyone she loves. As Judas spreads horrible rumors and overdoses two of her classmates at a rave, Megan realizes the enormity of his power. While classmates die, Megan, with the help of an angel, Johnny, and a team of friends will face the fight of their lives as they battle Judas. 

Megan thinks God
hasn't given her any "special" powers, but discovers she has what she needs as she confronts Judas and his seemingly unconquerable power.

Angel in the Storm
Max, Megan’s younger brother, is missing. He’s been sold to human traffickers in New Orleans by the evil angel Judas. Megan is soon arrested and charged with her missing brother’s murder. The only way to clear her name is to find Max. With the help of Johnny, who is a good angel, and her friends, Megan is soon on the run in a desperate attempt to find and rescue Max.

When Judas offers her an impossible choice, how can Megan choose?
The battle continues as lives are threatened and lost, not only by the rising waters of a hurricane, but in a climatic confrontation with Judas, and some will not make it out alive...


"Lisa Grace is a talented and exciting author. Suspense drips off each page. I look forward to her next work." Gretchen Helgeson
Phoenix, AZ, - Book Reviewer

Lisa Grace creates a supernatural world, where the heroine is 100 percent human - a brilliant alternative to the vampire novels. If this is her first novel - I can’t wait to see what else she has in store for readers. A page turner from start to finish.”Alexis Del Cid, CBS NEWS, KOIN-TV Portland, Oregon

"Ms Grace rocks the originality."

Is this the kind of book that interests you?  What do you think about when you read about angels? Do you have a favorite scripture that deals with angels and how God spoke about them in the Old or New Testament?

We want to hear from you. Please leave your email address when you write in. Perhaps I will draw your name and you, too, can be a winner of one of Lisa's books.


    These books sound very interesting and I appreciate that they help kids in this world today. It seems a very hard world to make it in.

  2. Praying with you, Lisa, as you continue in this calling. It seems young people are the most sought after treasures in the spiritual realms, so, may you be blessed with plenty of fellow-travelers who can "watch your back" along the way. And may there be favor on all that you put your hand to.

  3. I've been reading her posts with interest. I like what she has to say, and tho I haven't read her books yet, I'm looking forward to it. Thanks for the opportunity to win a book.

  4. Thank you Yellowrose! I agree. Kids today are getting hit up in so many ways. They're being taught in science class that creation is a myth, in social studies that religion is to blame for wars, in history the same thing, in math that the Biblical numbers don't add up...They spend six -eight hours a day being brainwashed by an unbelieving governmental system and then we have to overcome that in the home and in the church.

    LilyMaytree- Thank you for the prayers. A big theme in my books is the power of prayer.

    Caroline- Thank you so much for your support. I'd love to hear what you think after you've read them. :)

  5. I just read Stephen Lawhead's book, The Skin Map, about time travel. I immediately checked out the sequel, The Bone House, to read. Would love to read yours, too, dealing especially with the battle between good and bad beings.
    Ann Gaylia

  6. Wow! Looks like just the type of stories to engage and teach young teens. Very interesting!

    I would also love to know the process you have taken to getting your books optioned for movies. So neat!


  7. These books sound good and very interesting. I would love to read it.


  8. Scribbler - Thank you! When you do drop me a line and let me know if you liked them.

    Katy Lee - Thank you! I have teen girls who write me and asked how I knew what they were thinking. :)

    I have an article called From A Book To A Movie up on I'll be adding more to it as the process moves along.

    Jo - Thank you!

    I really appreciate that you all took the time to respond. God bless, and have a great year!