Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I'm thrilled to bring Jude Urbanski to you as she shares a little about her writing journey and plans to share some of her talent with you by offering one of her books to some lucky someone.

Jude  Urbanski writes both fiction and nonfiction. She weaves stories where heroes and heroines spin tragedy into triumph, always with a faith element involved. Passion for writing has always been a part of her life, but she’s been writing fiction for only the past five years.

SKC:  Thanks so much for being here with us, Jude. Where are you from and where did you grow up? Before you tell us more about your work, how would you say your upbringing relates to your writing?

JU My mother was a great story teller and passed on much of my family history in this way. Sitting around the living room and listening to her was a fond childhood memory. My many years spent as a health professional, a Parish Nurse and a lay spiritual counselor bring the healing aspect I use in many of my stories.  But, Shirley, I was born in the south and grew up in Indiana. I use the south as a setting for my books quite often.

 SKC: How do your get your brain into the creative mode?

JU My daily routine includes rising early (have always done this-not being virtuous), taking my thyroid medicine (ugh), brewing coffee and then having meditation and time in God’s word. Only after this am I ready to write. I listen to Pandora’s internet radio, usually to classical or jazz music, while I write.

SKC:   I love listening to the classical music station myself, while I'm writing. What inspires you to keep going?

JU The joy of seeing something I have written in published print. But even more importantly, having someone say they received some hope or thought from the writing.

SKC:  Oh, yes, I could put a thumbs up on that one. It is SUCH a joy to hear someone is reading your book and enjoying it at the same time. When did you know writing books would become the passion of your heart and what message do you filter in your stories, if any?    

JU Oh, I had started a novel probably 25 years ago, but it was only when I retired, I allowed myself to give my writing its needed time. I so admire young mothers who managed to write! My message I guess is there is always hope and it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

SKC:  I couldn't agree more. You are still a fairly new author like I call myself, and probably always will. What do you believe is the KEY to writing a good book so far?

JU Yes, even though I’m on my fourth book, write a regular column and a zillion other little things, still feel a beginner. I never want to quit learning. The KEY though is having a compelling story and writing it well.

SKC:  How do you schedule your daily writing time, Jude, so that it does not interfere with your God time and quality time with family?

JU I mentioned I aim for meditation or quiet time before anything else. Of course, I don’t always get it accomplished.  You’d think since my husband and I are retired, we’d have all the time in the world, but not so! If you’re not retired, just wait. Or, maybe we just never change our paces. We are both very actively involved in church and community. We have a huge family we still wish to devote time to also. I don’t want my writing to overwhelm and discipline and choices are required to maintain balance.

SKC:  After you finish your present projects what plans do you have?

JU I desire to secure an agent and I have some other ideas of books. A few of my family members write or are in the creative arts and I want to be able to help in this area.

SKC: Sounds good. Okay, here is this. Tell me your first thoughts. A reader has come to your door to tell you she has a great story about her life that she would like you to put into a story. What would you tell her?

JU Shirley! Is this a trick question? I’d probably tell her to write it!

SKC:  No trick. But I loved your answer. Jude, it's been a pleasure having you here. Let us know what book you would like to share with us. And be sure to include here where readers can come find you or your books.   

JU I’m excited about the upcoming release of book one, Joy Restored, in my series, The Chronicles of Chanute Crossing. It will be released in electronic format by Desert Breeze Publishing the middle of November. I loved writing this book! In fact, someone will be the lucky winner from this blog if they comment and leave an email address!

SKC: Thanks so much.

JU: To order the book, go to Desert Breeze Publishing and click on my name or use my blog or website.




  1. Hi, Jude--I always sing "Heyyyy, Jude....." when I see your name--well,I sing to myself, at least,letting it run through my head.
    I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about you. Maybe some of us should begin a club titled--You're Never Alone, or The Second Chance Girls. Seems like I have found more authors than I ever thought who are like me--began writing after raising a family, being a good wife, a pretty good mother, and a fantastic grandmother. I agree, Jude...it's never too late.
    Women who say to me.."I wish I had time to write".. just annoy the heck out of me. Women said the same thing to me during my years of playing golf after learning at age 40. We make time for priorities, don't we? And we do what we want...if we really do want to.
    I liked your interview with my friend Shirley...Celia

  2. Thanks so much for your comments, Celia. You added perfectly to the conversation. There are more people out there than we realize who are moving past the family before they get into their writing careers. Thanks again so much.

  3. Hi Jude,
    It was nice to learn more about you. Your book's cover is gorgeous. I wish I was an early riser. It seems like the only way I can get work done is to do the opposite though.

  4. Celia and Shawna,
    I think what the three of us, or four, with you, Shirley, are saying is there are seasons in a woman's life. No question, but when we have a passion, we listen to that passion, that drive or that gift, if you will.
    This, of course, is my first novel and I loved my characters, especially my hero. I also learned from them. Thanks for your visit.

  5. Jude,
    The book cover is beautiful. Very eye-catching. Congratulations!

    I am envious that you are a natural early-riser. I just don't wake up until after lunch. :-) Enjoy this experience!

    Lisa Mills

  6. Love learning about new writers. Hope you do really well. Your book sounds good. I plan to read this one.
    Janice Ian.

  7. Lisa, thanks for dropping by! I love the cover too, it's a photo I actually took of Dale Hollow Lake in Pickett County, TN, the setting. It is beautiful. Blessings on your book too.

  8. Janice, nice you could drop by and to get to know you too.