Saturday, July 9, 2011

He Doesn't Really Like To Talk About Himself. Whose That?

It's all about the sexual revolution, the occult, idols, little stuff like that. Huh? Okay, just who is Donald James Parker? Read on, and we'll both find out.
DJP: I don’t really like to talk about myself. It’s not about me but about the kingdom of God and the work I’m doing to try to build that kingdom. Most of my books involve cultural clash. My themes wage war against the idols of the 21st century, mostly evolution, the occult, and the sexual revolution. In addition other cultural issues are examined through the characters in my novels. Homelessness, addictive substances, broken relationships, and religious contention are involved as subthemes of the books. I also write for The Christian Pulse webzine, Christian Fiction Online Magazine, and I host a radio show on Blogtalk radio named Wielding the Sword of the Spirit. Bottom line: I want to align my life with God's will. My goal is not to attain the praise of man but of God. This desire makes it extremely difficult to be embraced as an author by the general populace, but to revise an old John Wayne quote, "A crusader's gotta do what a crusader’s gotta do.

SKC:    What book or project would you like to tell us about today, Donald?

DJP: A two book series Silver Wind and Silver Wind Pow-wow.

Silver Wind is a story of a basketball coach who brings new life to a Native American reservation by leading his team to victory at the same time he allows the Holy Spirit to lead him in bringing revival to the Natives, despite resistance from local bad guys and the pastor of the church in town.

Silver Wind Pow-wow is the continuation of that story in which the coach schedules a meeting on the location reservation, a Holy Spirit Pow-wow for Native Americans from all over the nation to seek God’s favor and will for their lives. Not everybody on the reservation is enthralled with the prospect of a white man trying to divert the Native American from the Red Path to the straight and narrow path of Jesus Christ.  Activists from outside the reservation provide even more resistance as they join forces to try to thwart the plans of the mysterious Holy Ghost man the locals call Silver Wind.

SKC:   It sounds interesting! What inspired you to become a writer of inspirational books?   

DJP:    In 2006 I woke up at 2:00 AM with the distinct sensation that I had heard a voice saying "Write a book about evolution." I rolled over and went back to sleep. The next morning I went to the Lord in prayer asking, "Did you ask me to write a book about evolution last night." As clear as a bell I heard a still small voice in my head say, "And when you're done with that, I want you to go after Harry Potter and the sexual revolution."  And that launched me on this crazy journey. I’m just finishing my 13th book.

SKC:   What encourages you to continue writing?

DJP:    I guess the same thing that got me writing in the first place.  I have gotten very little encouragement from humans to make me want to continue to beat my head against a wall, but believing that sometime my books will make a difference in people’s lives keeps me banging on the keyboard.

SKC:   How does your faith enter into the voice of your books and what message are you trying to convey, if any?

DJP:  My books are at the core comprised of pure message fiction. Without the message, there is no need for me to write. There are plenty of talented people who can spin a story to scintillate the senses and make people feel warm and cuddly inside. Not many dare to step out with John the Baptist type boldness to cry out in the wilderness with messages that are not politically correct. Without my faith being involved and actively being placed into the plots I weave, I would not be in this game.

SKC:   I like the way you put that: PURE MESSAGE FICTION. And you are so right. Without the message, there is no need to write. What is your Donald secret to writing a good book? 

DJP:  Use a ghost writer.  A Holy Ghost writer.  I think the major requirement for a “good” book is to entertain while at the same time educate. Using the parables of Jesus approach, I try to create novels that promote a Godly perspective on life, teach how to cope with adversity, and even preach subtle sermons. I refuse to write anything now that does not have eternal consequences.  To do that effectively, I need to rely on the Holy Spirit. If I get a divine download, a book can’t help but be good.     
SKC:   Those are encouraging words! What plans do you have for 2012, Donald?

DJP:   I’m hoping to migrate into making movies. Someday I’d like to have the majority of my books made into movies, but I have some other plots that take precedence over my previous work. I will continue to go after the occult, the sexual revolution, and evolution. There are plenty of other issues to aim my jousting stick at as well if I run out of material for those three crusades.

SKC: I'll have to watch for your name in the upcoming movie credits. We appreciate that you are offering book gifts to one of our readers. What would you like to ask one of our readers today?

DJP:  If you knew Jesus was coming back tomorrow and you were given the instruction to read one novel to prepare you for eternity, what would it be?

SKC: Great question! And thanks so much for being with us and offering to share your books. Tell us how we can find you and your books.

DJP: is my website. I sell my books there for $8. You can get them at Amazon, B&N, etc. for  $12.95. 

Okay, to you readers and visitors: Check out Donald's question above. I'd love to hear your comments, and I hope I'll draw your name!

Congratulations to Mary Manners of Seymour, Tennessee. The books are on their way!


  1. Good interview and good question from Donald. I probably would read one of the LEFT BEHIND series again or maybe perhaps one of Francine Rivers books which are fiction work that relate to the bible. Those are the first that come to mind. Please enter me.
    Dorothy Friedline

  2. I would not read the Left Behind series because they are not biblical. I think that it would have to be very Christ centered and one that encourages reaching out to others. The more people that we can reach with the gospel, the more people will be saved.

    Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks for the chance to win.

    Debbie Clark


  3. I would probably read either The Robe, The Big Fisherman ( both by Lloyd C. Douglas) or Rooms by James Rubart because it really made me think about what is important in life.

    Good interview and loved the depth of the answers. Thanks for the opportunity to win.


  4. Thanks so much Debby, Dorothy and Jan. In case you were wondering which book I would choose - I asked myself this question this morning while riding my bike. I guess Hinds Feet on High Places or The Final Quest (by Rick Joyner) And thanks Shirley for hosting me!!! God bless everyone.

  5. Hi Donald. What a great interview! And what a thought-provoking question. I'm not sure what book I would choose, but have really enjoyed the suggestions here.

    Best wishes to you!

  6. I, too, loved Hinds Feet on High Places. Hannah Hannard (not sure about spelling) wrote that so well. And I continue to read again and again, Pilgrim's Progress. Any book that centers in on the soon coming of the Lord would pull me in. I'm so enjoying the responses coming in.

  7. You have an awesome blogspot, Shirley. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Hi Mary. Thanks for dropping by. And thanks to Shirley for her input. Ironically I have tentatively decided to film a 21st century version of Pilgrims Progress.

  9. I'm a day late, but not a dollar short, yet. This was in awesome interview. I put both your featured novels on my to purchase list.
    The Holy Ghost as your ghost writer is quite a way to put it. I hope all Christian novelists think of Him as our mentor.
    Okay, I'd choose a Karen Kingsbury novel or a book by one of my favorite White Rose authors. A bride prepares for her groom via romance.

  10. Word! What a question! Let me think... probably some classic that I always wanted to read but could never actually wade through, like "The Three Musketeers". After all, Christ's coming would be THE excuse for not finishing it this time!

    twinwillowsfarm at gmail dot com

  11. Wow, people wrote my books down already--Pilgrim's Progress and Hinds Feet on High Places. Both are great books.

    And your books do make a difference. I hope you keep writing!

    desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

  12. Thanks for the encouragement, LoRee and Linda. Funny, Pegg!! Thanks for visiting guys!!
    God bless!!