Friday, November 26, 2010

How Do You See Him?

What's that old saying? Good things come in small packages? Well, I found mine just in time to move from Thanksgiving into the Christmas season. Just a sweet email from my boss telling me my newest devotional book will be out and about in time for the Christmas holidays! Now that's a good thing. And an exciting time for me.

I just wanted to give you a peek. I took that cover picture myself a while back. That is just north of beautiful downtown Brookings, Oregon. Nothing like a narrow road on a narrow bridge where you can stop and think about life. Something we should be doing all the time. A place where you can think about the decisions you make each day and how they affect not only you but the world around you.
That's how it works for me anyway.

I See God on the Narrow Road is just a little book of reminders about the paths we're on in life and the choices we are making each day. Check it out and read more about it when you pop in at Amazon or Barnes n Noble or the Kindle site in the days ahead, and you'll learn all about it.

Keep it in mind when you are looking for stocking-stuffers. Won't you?



  1. Ah, thanks for taking a minute to read that, Andrea. I do hope you had a glorious Thanksgiving with your loved ones. Many blessings, Shirley

  2. How do I see Jesus? What a thought provoking question. The gentle look in a patient mother's eye. Compassionate forgiveness when the world can't imagine anything other than revenge. The smile of a round-eyed baby. Empathetic tears. The Lord shines through others, if our eyes are open.

  3. Wow! How do I see the Lord? Gee. I see him in the ocean when I walk along the beach. I see him up in the hills behind my house. I see him like the person before me said, in another person's eyes. When I look for him I can see him everywhere. Looking forward to seeing your book Shirley. I read your other ones. Down to earth.
    Janice Ian

  4. Oh, Shirley, I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to read this one. It sounds wonderful!

    How do I see Jesus? I see Him in the eyes of my grandchildren, and feel Him in their hugs; I see Him in the way my husband takes care of me; I see Him in a beautiful a crashing a gentle breeze. Every breath, every step, every moment of my life--He is there. I try never to forget that, and really seek to SEE Him in the ordinary things as well as the extraordinary.

  5. Thank you each one for your generous offerings of ways in which you see the Lord. It's so true, we can quickly see Him in the ordinary things as well as the extraordinary. I know I find Him every minute I get my focus right. He is always there. And He wants us to know it.
    And thanks, Delia. I'm really looking forward to sharing this devotional book as I have the other "I See God" books.
    It's wonderful to be able to share a little something about the Lord in our fiction and nonfiction writings, isn't it.

  6. In inspirational books that I read I can tell how you writers see God in your words. Maybe that's why I like them so much.
    Betty Fimple
    Windsor CA

  7. Thanks to Betty for your delightful comment. And thank YOU Delia. How right you are. That is what it's all about. I appreciate all you writing in with your thoughts. Indeed, that is what A Pen for Your Thoughts speaks to. And when I hear from others, it keeps me going. God bless everyone in December.