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The Lady Who Enjoys Romancing the Pet Lover's Soul

Have you met Teri Wilson yet?

Teri Wilson's son once wrote in a third-grade paper, "My Mom loves dogs and Jesus." He may have gotten the order reversed, but the sentiment was right on target. Teri's romance stories are often filled with happy endings, splashes of humor and a loveable critter or two. After all, Cinderella never would have lived happily ever after without a little help from her animal friends!

Teri is thrilled to be the grand prize winner of the 2009 San Antonio Romance Authors Merritt Contest for her inspirational romance Rodeo Redemption. Rodeo Redemption and her other inspirational romance, Cup of Joe, took first and second place in the Contemporary Romance category. Teri is also the winner of the 2008 Pet Sitters International Humor Writing Award, the 2008 Spaniel Journal Writing Contest, the 2006 Westminster Kennel Club Angel on a Leash Writing Award and the 3rd place winner of the 21st Annual American Kennel Club Short Fiction Contest.

She lives in San Antonio, Texas, with her husband, son and four delightful dogs. Teri loves hearing from readers and can be reached through her website at  or via email at .

SKC: Welcome Teri. We can see you are not only a writer of fiction but non fiction too. We are anxious to hear about both this week.

Teri: My first published book was a nonfiction Bible Study workbook called All Creatures of Our God and King: What God’s Word Says About Animals. I was looking for a Bible Study workbook for animal lovers and I couldn’t find one. So, at the urging of my son, I spent six months doing the research and wrote one myself.

SKC: That's the way to get things done. Do them yourself. What would you like for our readers to know about you personally?

Teri: I adore reading and writing inspirational romance! It is both my passion and my calling. And I love to hear what readers have to say about my work.

SKC: How is your family adjusting to your writing career?

Teri: They are adjusting well. My son is about to enter his second year of college, so we are empty nesters now, which gives me plenty of time for writing.

SKC: It makes a big difference doesn't it. As an empty nester wife and mom, what kinds of hobbies and leisure activities do you enjoy, and how do they fit into your daily writing routine?

Teri: I have fun participating in dog shows with my dogs Angel and Bliss. We show in conformation shows (like beauty pageants for dogs) and in a fun obedience event called Rally Obedience. The way they fit into my writing time kind of goes like this…I attend a dog show for a weekend and feel guilty that I’m not writing. Ha ha. I also love to read, which I feel is very important to any writer. I am also a “greeter” at my church and enjoy going on mission trips.

SKC: I still haven’t read your first book, and I also look forward to this new one. How did you gather up your themes and in what way do you bring the Lord into your pages?

Teri: I usually start with a favorite Bible verse and an idea for one of the main characters and the spiritual struggle he or she is going through. Then, I build the plot from there.

I started this new book, Rodeo Redemption, kind of as an experiment with the idea of a very broken hero. I don’t want to give anything away, but Luke’s struggle to rebuild his life was the initial idea for the plot.

SKC: What do you want the reader to take away from the book?

Teri: I would love the reader to have a better understanding of God’s grace and how His plans for our futures usually exceed our wildest expectations.

SKC: That's great. God is certainly in the business of doing much more than we could ever expect. How did you find your present publisher, or better yet, how did they find you?

Teri: I am thrilled to be a part of White Rose Publishing. I found them when I read a book written by another White Rose author, Betsy Ann St. Amant.

SKC: White Rose Publishing is a wonderful place to be involved with. I've heard that often from others too. I am an animal lover as you are, by the way, Teri, and as I noticed from glancing at your website. And I, too, make sure to get animals into all my writing in some way. When did animals become such a large part of your writing style?

Teri: Animals have always been a part of my writing, since I started with the Bible Study workbook for animal lovers. I guess I always include them in my hero and heroine’s lives because I can’t imagine not having a pet in my own life.

SKC: Me neither. Aside from animals, though, tell us, Teri, where do you plan to go from here? What is next on your plate?

Teri: I just finished writing and editing Rodeo Rescue, the second book in my Rodeo Royalty Series. Now, I am working on the third book in the series – Rodeo Resurrection. I am also writing an Alaskan Christian romance, set amid the exciting world of sled dogs.

SKC: These will keep you busy a long time. The people who come to A Pen for Your Thoughts, usually enjoy the questions that they are asked to ponder so I can include their comments in the weekly drawing for a book. If you could ask anything to a fan, what would it be?

Teri: Here's the question: Tell me how your pet got its name. If you don’t have a pet, why don’t you tell me what you would name a pet if you had one.

SKC: That's a fun question. Now, tell us a little more about the book you are planning to donate. And please be sure to let the readers and other writers here know how they can find you and your material on the web.

Teri: I am donating a copy of my latest book from White Rose Publishing – Rodeo Redemption, the first book of my new Rodeo Royalty Series. Readers can find me at All of my inspirational romances are available on Amazon and at the White Rose Publishing website at .

Now, here’s a bit more about Rodeo Redemption:

A Former Rodeo Queen

     Josie Turner spends her days at the local dog grooming shop pampering the pooches of Angel Springs, Texas. When rodeo season rolls around again, the townfolk are excited about who their new Rodeo Queen might be. Josie, on the other hand, finds herself reminded all too often about a night she’d just as soon forget.

A Former Rodeo Cowboy

     Luke Anderson lived for three things – riding, roping and rodeos. Until the day he met Josie Turner, the girl who gave his life meaning, and whose heart he was destined to break. Now, ten years later, he returns to Angel Springs to find the town hasn’t changed much, but the girl he left behind has become a stranger he hardly recognizes. What, he wonders, will she think of him, and the man he’s become?

A Rodeo Weekend

     Determined to break through the wall Josie has erected around her heart, Luke must face
his demons while at the same time helping Josie overcome hers. With the whole town cheering
them on, can Luke mend Josie’s heart and can one rodeo weekend help them both
find redemption?

SKC: Thank you, Teri, for being a part of A Pen for Your Thoughts. It’s a pleasure to be able to share you with the world.

Thank you!

Ok, visitors. So we can put your name in the drawing basket, we look forward to hearing from you. Teri wants to hear about your pets and wants to hear how your pet got its name. And if you don’t have a pet, what you would name a pet if you had one.

Don't forget to add your email address. I hope you are the winner.

Our exciting congratulations go to Anne Payne of North Carolina! You've just won a copy of Teri Wilson's book! I hope you enjoy it. Watch for it in your mail soon.
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  1. i would name my puppy...mollie
    thanks for the opportunity to read this fabulous book :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  2. We have a cat & a dog, plus 4 chickens! Kitty is named Twenty because my husband gave him to me on our 20th anniversary. I know, so romantic :) Doggie is named Jake and we don't know why. Our pastor & his wife gave him to us when they went on the mission field. Look forward to reading your book.


  3. My dog, Poly, is named after the Arizona State University Polytech campus near our home. Four of my kids have attended classes and/or lived on the campus.

  4. Many years ago, I had a cat and named her Felice. I got her during December and Felice is Spanish for Merry (Felice Navidad - Merry Christmas). She was a beautiful calico cat and a special member of our family.


  5. The tabby cat we had when I was growing up we called Sox on account of her 4 white feet. I wanted to call her Ceefer as in C for cat. So the dog in my first novel was called Deefer instead. (d for dog lol)

    telsiacharis at yahoo dot co dot uk

  6. Roxie- my son got it off the ghost rider movie with Nichlas Gage, his girlfriend was roxie

    anna howell

  7. I love the cover of your book!!

    We got a new kitten a few years ago and could not decide what to name her. My two granddaughters and me were in the kitchen making blueberry muffins. (they love them) My oldest granddaughter, Lori, was taking them out of the oven for me and she said MawMaw lets name her Muffin. Well, needless to say, we all chimed in Yes that is perfect:) So Muffin it is!

    Judy (

  8. Great interview! Always happy to know another animal lover. :)

    We have 3 female dogs, all were orphans. The first we found alongside the road right after the car ahead set her out. She looked like a black bear cub, and laid so quietly in my lap when we picked her up. We fell madly in love with her, so named her "Lovey". She's 7 now, and still our wonderful "bear" dear. :)

  9. Wonderful interview, Teri! Love your books. I'd love to win a copy of this one since I haven't picked it up yet.

    I hope God blesses you with plenty of sales!

  10. Love the interview, Teri!

    Pepper is a Lhasa we "rescued" who was never given a name the 18 months he lived before his forever home. We decided as a family his name, fits his coloring!

    Bonita is a senior Lhasa we rescued a year later from the same place. She had this name and we kept it. It's supposed to sound like "Bone-ita".

    Gary is a cat we rescued as a kitten. Our son at the time watched Spongebob and thought he should have the same name as Spongebob's pet. :)

    jarduini (at) zoominternet (dot) net

  11. Enjoued reading the comments. The book sounds really good and I have added it to my TBR lit.
    I am a dog lover and have grown up with them all of my life. I dignify them by giving them full names-my two terriers are John Wayne and Shane Falco. My daschund is Lily Cigar. Stange but hey, it beats Rex.
    My grandfather always hada German Shepherd and everyone of them were named Shep He said he could always remember his dog's name.

  12. We have 2 dogs .... a 12 year old Border Collie that we got him when he was 8 weeks old and named Bear since he was and is such a cuddly little fella. Saide our 4 year old yellow lab we only got last October or November and she already had her name. Thanks for the opportunity of putting my name in for the book. It sounds great.


  13. Thanks for coming by and commenting everyone! Karen, I think Mollie is an adorable dog name. Anne, I love the way your kitty got its name!!!! But, I am wondering about the chickens??? Do they have names? LOL

    Blessings, Teri

  14. Ann, Poly! That is so clever.
    And Edwina, I live in San Antonio, so I am very familiar with Feliz Navidad. That is a cute name. I have a good friend with a dog named Dancer, after the reindeer. (She got him for Christmas.)

    Clare - what a cute way to name your dog character in your book!

    Blessings, Teri

  15. Great interview, Teri and Shirley! I just received my copy of Rodeo Redemption and can't wait to get to it.

  16. Judy, Miss Mae and Donna, Thank you for the nice compliments!!!

    Blessings, Teri

    P.S. I love blueberry muffins!

  17. Julie, I also love Spongebob. In fact, he makes an appearance in my book Cup of Joe!!!

    Blessings, Teri

  18. Hope it's not too late, I had a full day away from the computer Thursday. We have 21-month old yellow lab name Bogey. The foster mom affiliated with the pound had named him Bodie. That didn't resonate with me, and I've always thought of Humphrey Bogart as Bogey. Bogey replaced a Duke's mixture that was stolen from our home, named Dakota. Of course, Dakota is Sioux for friend. Love these guest blogs. Great to know more about you, Teri.

  19. My roommate and I named my rabbit Cassia. He was a light brown color. When we were looking for names for him, we came across the name cassia which is a spice that is a cinnamon color, and we thought it perfect for him.
    Thanks for the interview. I can't wait to read the book. :)
    cynthiakchow (at) earthlink (dot) net

  20. Hi Teri! I can't wait to read Rodeo Redemption. I adored Cup of Joe. Bliss was such a cute dog and I loved the episode in church when she escaped to reach the sound of the crinkling bag. Too funny! We have three cats named Charlotte, Templeton, and Wilbur. They were adopted from our vet when they were just barely 8 weeks old. But, their names fit perfectly. Charlotte has a very loud voice, though she can't spin a web, Templeton is so curious and into everything. He's not afraid of power tools or vacuums either. Wilbur is the peacemaker. He's fat, fluffy, and very mellow. Thanks for a delightful interview!

    Carol Ann Erhardt

  21. Teri,

    I love your book cover. My husband and I also love animals. We have two cats and two dogs, all rescued. Your book is wonderful...a great read. Can't wait for the next.

    Mary Manners

  22. Hi Teri:
    I loved your cover and voted for it. I have a cousin that does dog rescue and has 12 at home with her right now. If want a sweet 10 yo chow mix let me know.
    My maltese is from SE Maltese Rescue. No one wanted her because she had a pink spot on her nose. It's all black now!
    Best of luck with sales. I'm looking forward to getting low enough in my TBR pile to read it.

  23. I loved this interview. I have a dog named PePe. He came with the name. When my dad was living he wanted some company (while I was gone during the day as we lived together) so I finally relented and we "adopted" PePe at 11 months old. I actually had to go through an adoption process and they called references. He was a little malnourished, but it didn't take long for him to become a part of the family. When my dad went into the retirement home I officially inherited PePe. My adult daughter w/disabilities loves him very much, well except when he smells like a dog - LOL.
    Please enter me.
    Deborah M.