Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Little Wisdom from the Irish

As you remember those wise ones
who have gone before,
respect  the wisdom in
what they have taught you

Never let yourself get lost in a situation

Wherever it is, let your home always be
your sanctuary.

Remember to put on the whole Armor of God
that you may be able to withstand
the wiles of you know who 


  1. Thanks Carla
    It was so fun writing these. At these particular moments, I must jump in a write when the moment hits. I have more pictures of our trip to Ireland too. Thanks so much for writing in...
    May the good Lord bless and keep thee

  2. Dance as if no one were watching,
    Sing as if no one were listening,
    And live every day as if it were your last.

    I was raised a MacLeod but after 40 years of marriage to a Callahan I think of myself as of "some" Irish decent. LOL.

  3. And listen to lovely wisdom coming from your mouth, Wyn.
    Truth be told, we might often wonder if perhaps there's a little Irish in all of us somewhere down the line.

  4. What a cool thing to add to such a great time. Thanks
    I love the part you added with that old armor.
    Jane Egbert

  5. I guess it is After the Fact of St Patrick's wisdom? but I just wanted to write in and tell you how much I like seeing that armor! It made me think harder about what we are supposed to wear everyday as christians. did you really find that in Ireland?
    Betty Fimple