Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rolling along with Miralee. Come by for an exclusive visit!

Please welcome Miralee with me these next few days...

Miralee Ferrell lives with her husband of 36 years on eleven acres in rural Washington State. They have two dogs, two cats, one horse, and a huge garden that they both enjoy working in, in the spring and summer. Reading, horseback riding with her daughter, sailing with her husband, and puttering in her flower beds are some of Miralee’s favorite pastimes. She serves on staff as a licensed minister (not a pastor) in their small church, ministering to women and leading prayer groups. She has 3 books out now and another releasing in April, and started writing in the spring of 2005.

SKC: Tell us, Miralee, about that favorite part of your newest book and why it is your favorite.

MF: That’s kind of hard, as it would be giving away something near the end that the reader will want to discover on their own. Let’s just say it’s a very emotional twist that happens concerning a young, orphaned sister and brother. I found myself getting teary eyed when writing it and again later when reading it. I love the places that go into deeper point of view where the reader truly connects with a character, as well.

SKC: I love those books that bring the tears. What inspired you to begin writing in the first place and what keeps you going?

MF: I’m not typical of most authors who have always wanted to write. I loved to read and enjoyed writing letters to friends, and even writing projects in school, but I never envisioned myself as an author, nor did I write short stories, even in my head.
     What inspired me was a visiting pastor who prayed for me at a special service almost 5 yrs ago. After praying for a couple of minutes he shared with me that the Lord had told him I was supposed to be writing, and that whatever it was, it needed to be published. I prayed about that for 2 weeks, felt a definite confirmation, and started out.
     To begin with I wrote out of obedience. Now, I write because I love it and can’t imagine not writing.

SKC: What an interesting story. Thanks. How would you say you come up with some of your dialogue in your book to keep it realistic with each character?

MF: Being a prolific reader over the years has helped a lot. Plus, I ‘hear’ the characters in my head…their dialect if they have one, their voice inflections, the way they phrase their words. Sometimes they talk to me (especially after I’m in bed, LOL!) and force me to get up and write down what they have to say. Also, I’m old enough to have met many thousands of people in my lifetime, and there are dozens (if not hundreds) of individual communication styles to draw from.

SKC: Isn't that the truth! How do you settle in on creating your settings? Your backgrounds? Creating your color schemes? Any magic formula?

MF: No magic formula…my two historical romances are set in a specific town that my publisher chose (and I helped), so it was easy. The books needed to closely reflect the locale during the era I chose, so I carefully researched what was there at the time. I also visited both areas (which are now ghost towns) to get a feel for the topography, the vegetation, wild life, the weather, etc. I took pictures, studied old books, and in both cases was able to discover and meet with a local history buff who gave me a wealth of additional information.
     My two contemporary novels are both set in the area where I live, so it was easy to create the world where my heroines lived and make it realistic. I think of all four books, the two historical ones have the strongest, most vibrant settings.

SDC: As someone who is published, what insight would you give to an aspiring writer today?

MF: Never give up if you feel this is what you’re called to do. And don’t let others discourage you with their stories of rejections and struggles. Yes, you’ll have them, as we all do. Some sooner than others, some later, but there’s no sense in dwelling on what might be. Get connected with other writers who will encourage you, while staying open to constructive criticism from writer’s who’ve been down the path ahead of you and can help you avoid pitfalls. Above all else, cover everything you do in prayer. If God is in it, nothing can stand against you!

SKC: Amen to that. And you are so right. If God is leading the way, we can't give up. I know how easy that can be. Part of it speaks to living that disciplined life, doesn't it. Miralee, do you have any point in your novel writing when you come to a stand still? If so, what do you do to get yourself going again?

MF: The Other Daughter is the only book I’ve written where I never came to a standstill. That book flew off my fingers and onto the keyboard. Since then I often hit snags in the plot. I know the big plot points, but it’s trying to come up with the smaller twists and scenes that are challenging. Right now I’m about 40% of the way into a new book (an old west romance) and wracking my brain on where to go for the next couple of chapters, before another ‘big reveal’ happens.
     What do I do? Usually sleep on it. I’ve had some of my most productive writing at night time. If I’m having trouble, I’ll often try to work on my book late, instead of watching TV with hubby before going to bed. Writing gets my mind going and doesn’t allow me to fall asleep easily. Usually not a good thing, but if I’m stuck, it often helps. I’ll start thinking of new ideas as I’m drifting towards sleep. The key is to get myself woke up enough sufficiently to write them down before they disappear, LOL!

SKC: What do you think is one of the most important things you have learned so far since becoming a published writer?

MF: There are so many! I remember about two years into this journey my husband was feeling a bit overwhelmed on my behalf. My debut novel was due to release, and I’d been deep in edits, revisions, and premarketing. He asked me “If you’d known how much work this was before you started, do you think you’d still have done it?” I had to answer yes. It’s stretched my mind, pushed me to think in new ways, kicked in my creative brain cells that hadn’t been used in years. I’ve met an entire new world of people that I didn’t know existed and made so many friends….my agent, editors, other authors, people who help influence others to buy my books…I think that’s the most important thing to me….the people. I’ve also had many ministry opportunities as a result of writing, and that’s always what this has been about for me. I never cared whether or not I was published for the money sake, I wanted to reach hearts and touch lives.

SDC: As we are learning more about you we would love to know about some of your favorite books as a child. Tell us about them. Did they have any effects on how you write today? I like to ask this question on occasion because it is true of so many of us writers.

MF: I have a lot of them that I loved. As a preteen it was the Nancy Drew mysteries. I collected many of them, and still have the old hardbacks today. During that same time period I also read and collected Cherry Ames and Sue Barton nurse books.
     As I got a little older (in my teens) I discovered Zane Grey westerns. He writes at a lot deeper level than Louis L’Amour, and I fell in love with Grey’s descriptions of the old west, the history, the characters and the stories he would weave. I also stumbled onto another couple of old authors, Gene Stratton Porter who wrote Freckles and Girl of the Limberlost, among others, and Harold Bell Wright, both amazing authors for their time period. I read and still own every novel they both wrote and have read all of them at least twice.
     Yes, I’d have to say my reading has influenced my writing. I often think of Zane Grey as I’m working (currently) on my new Western romance. It’s not your typical prairie romance, it’s more old west with cattle rustlers, cowboys, horses, and yes, even some gun fights, LOL! I don’t go to the depth on my descriptions that he did, but I’m trying to make sure that the scenery and local come alive for my readers, and the characters truly stay with them after the last page is finished.

SDC: I would say so! By the way, do you enjoy working with an agent, or do you go the route alone?

MF: I have a wonderful agent, Tamela Hancock-Murray with the Hartline agency. I signed with her when I was shopping The Other Daughter, and it’s evolved from a working relationship to a friendship. I do well at pitching new proposals and am not a bit shy about talking to an editor, but I like having the covering of an agent when it comes to the contract process, or if I hit any snags during the publication process.

SDC: What is next on the horizon for you in your writing?

MF: As I mentioned, I’m working on a proposal right now for a Western romance. I’m presenting it as a three book set and have two publishers interested in seeing it. I’ll be sending it to the first one in the next week or so. I’m also working on a possible third book with Kregel that would follow secondary characters we’ll meet in Finding Jeena (which release April 2010, and a women’s contemporary that’s burning to be written as soon as I can make time.

SDC: I understand you have a book to offer to one of our guests that write in. Tell us about it, and what question might you have for our readers?

MF: Here’s the back cover blurb for Love Finds You in Bridal Veil, Oregon
Against the backdrop of the breathtaking Bridal Veil Falls in a historic Oregon logging community, a schoolteacher finds herself torn between a past love and the man who could be her future. Sixteen-year-old Margaret Garvey promised her heart to Nathaniel Cooper the night he disappeared from town. Four years later, just as she’s giving love a second chance with Andrew, a handsome logger, Nathaniel suddenly returns to town with a devastating secret. While grappling with the betrayal of those she trusted most, Margaret risks her reputation and position by harboring two troubled runaways who might be involved in the murder of a local man. As disaster strikes the town and threatens the welfare of its citizens, Margaret will be faced with the most important choice of her life.

I’d love to hear from anyone who’s read both my women’s contemporary (The Other Daughter) and my first historical romance, (Love Finds You in Last Chance, CA) to know which one they enjoyed most, and what type they’d like to see me write in the future. Do you think I’m stronger as a contemporary author, or historical? And does the idea of a three book series of Western romances interest you at all?

SDC: Good question for finding out more about what people like about a person's writing. READERS, even if you haven't read Miralee's books yet, we want to hear from you your thoughts regarding Western romances.

Thank you so much for being here, Miralee. Tell us where we can find you and your books.

MF: Several places…my Love Finds You books are available in Borders, Barnes and Noble, WalMart, Sam’s Club (later this year), Amazon,, and other online sites, and all my books are usually found in Christian bookstores or online. You can read more about each one, as well as upcoming projects on my website and blog:  and
     Thank you SO much for inviting me to speak to your readers. Also, if anyone has a book club they belong to who chooses one of my books, I’m available for phone chats or in person (if it’s not too far away).

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Be watching in the days ahead for your book, Nannette.


  1. Thanks so much for the opportunity to visit with your readers, Shirley! I'm looking forward to hearing from them and answering any questions that might come up.

    Blessings! Miralee Ferrell

  2. I haven't read Miralee's first book in the LFY series, but I loved The Other Daughter. Although setting can be important, the storyline and writing style seem to draw me more, and Miralee just tells a good story. I do enjoy historicals with a small-town setting, though, and would love to read LFY in Bridal Veil, Oregon.

    cjarvis [at] bellsouth [dot] net

  3. I have yet to read anything by Miralee yet, but this book looks good (the cover art is beautiful!) Plus I live in Oregon- a wonderful reason is pick this book up! Please enter me. :D


  4. Miralee,

    I really enjoyed your Last Chance book. Haven't read the contemporary yet, but I'd love to see a western series from you. It's my favorite genre. Go for it!


  5. I have not had a chance to read the Other Daughter yet, it has been in my Amazon cart for awhile though and waiting until I can get it. I loved Love finds you in Last chance CA though, I think you did a good job on historical!
    I can't believe though you like all the same books I did! I love Cherry Ames, Sue Barton, Harold Bell Wright and Gene Stratton Porter. I re-read GSP all the time!!! They are books that everyone is really missing out on if you don't read them!!! I love Keeper of the Bees especially! Well....and the Harvester...okay, better not write a novel. martha(at)lclink(dot)com

  6. I read Love Finds You In Last Chance California and loved it!! I haven't read The Other Daughter. I really enjoyed the LFY in though. It was interesting and well written. I even stayed up late to finish it:) Couldn't put it down until I was done. I would really love to read her new one!! Please enter me:) Thanks so much!!

  7. I've read Love Finds You in Last Chance California and loved it. I enjoy Western Historicals as I love to learn about the West as it was settled. I'm looking forward to Love Finds You in Bridal Veil, Oregon. Please enter me. Thank you!
    desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

  8. Hi Carole,
    I'm so tickled you enjoyed The Other Daughter. You'll be happy to know the sequel is releasing in late April, and it's Jeena's story. She was Susanne's friend who influenced her to go drinking when she was having marriage troubles.

    I hope you'll pick up a copy and let me know what you think!


    Where do you live in Oregon? Are you familiar with Bridal Veil? It's in the Columbia Gorge, about 20 minutes or so east of Portland and about 40 minutes west of where I live. So good to meet you!!

    Blessings, Miralee

  9. Oh my goodness, the comments are getting away from me!

    I so enjoyed sitting next to you at the Early Bird class at conference last fall. I love western too, and my proposal for a new one just went on it's way today.

    Thank you for your kind comments about my ability to write an historical, I appreciate that.
    I agree, very amazing that we grew up reading the same books. I've read GSP multiple times, as well. And guess what, I found two different HB Wright books and a couple of Porters on audio at the library! What a treat!


    You did my heart good saying you stayed up late to finish Last Chance. Thank you! I do love it when readers enjoy my books. My new one set in Bridal Veil doesn't have an old west flavor, but definitely still historical.


    Thank you for reading and commenting on my Last Chance book! I'm so tickled you enjoyed it and hope you'll have a chance to read Bridal Veil, as well.

    Blessings and hugs!

    Miralee Ferrell

  10. LOVED Last Chance! I have yet to read The Other Daughter. I enjoy your historical writing, Miralee! In fact, I appreciate all you've done to help me become a better writer with my historical!


  11. Thank you, Sherry. You've been a blessing to me, as well. Hugs! Miralee

  12. Living here in Northern California near Mt. Lassen, I'm intrigued by the history here, which leads me to be interested in Marilee's historical books. I haven't read any of them yet, but hoping to soon! Maybe I'll win one!

  13. Hi Miralee,
    I enjoyed LFY in Last Chance. I haven't read your contemporary yet. It was so interesting to hear about that pastor praying for you and encouraging you to write. What a great way for God to speak and call you into writing! Looking forward to reading Bridal Veil Falls, especially since I am from Oregon and I have hiked all around there.

  14. Hi Linda,
    I think you'd enjoy Love Finds You in Last Chance, CA, as it's set in 1884 in the Sierra Nevada Mts N.E. of Sacramento. It's not up included in the giveway, tho.

    Carrie, I'm so glad you enjoyed Last Chance and hope you get a chance to read my contemporaries some time. I didn't realize you lived in Oregon? Where about?

    Hugs to you both!

  15. Loved the interview. I haven't read any of Miralee's books yet but Last Chance is on my TBR pile.

    As far as interest in a western romance series...count me in.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win Bridal Veil. I have been to Bridal Veil Falls years ago. It was absolutely beautiful. The story sounds divine!


  16. Have not read your books yet. Will look for them now. The cover is beautiful. I think a western series would be very interesting. Really enjoyed your story of how you started writing. Please enter me in the drawing.


  17. I'm sorry but I forgot to leave my email.


  18. Sherry and Nanette,
    Thank you for your nice comments about my new cover, and I'm tickled Last Chance is on your TBR pile, Sherry! I hope you'll both get a chance to read my work and let me know what you think.

  19. I would love to win one of Miralee's books. I follow you and I really love to read. Reading and computer are my past times. So please enter me


  20. Hi Edna, it's so nice to see you here!! God bless, Miralee