Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thanksgiving and Saying thank you to our Military and Military Families

How can we adequately say thank you to all those in the military who are diligently serving our country over in Iraq and Afghanistan for our safety every day? How can we say thank you as well to the families who try to wait patiently back home to see their loved ones again?

Since this is the month of Thanksgiving, and my new devotional "I See God in the Thorns~n~Thistles is soon to be released, I would like to show my appreciation by donating an author-signed copy to one of the family members of a service man or woman out there in the trenches now.

It's a small way of showing my thanks. And as I receive your short stories of family members let's also remember to keep not only the service men and women but their family members in our prayers in the days ahead. Some have been waiting a very long time.

I look forward to hearing from you. I will draw a name right after the holiday.

Congratulations to Mary Basker of California! I'm thrilled to be able to share with you a signed copy of my new boo, I See God in the Thorns~n~Thistles. Be watching for it soon.
In Him, Shirley


  1. What a great idea. My daughter in law is the wife of a military man who is now in Iraq for a year. But she is not a believer. Would she be interested in the book too? Thanks for doing this.
    Janice Ian

  2. Love this blog! Helps me pick up tips for my own blog, WHICH DEBUTED TODAY.

    Would love to have y'all drop by

    Thanks, Shirley!!

  3. Thanks both Patti and Janice. Yes, Janice, that wife would be able to receive from the book. It is the kind of devotional that can speak to the heart of anyone in a gentle sort of way. I will be praying for this family.
    And thank you for your comment, Patti. I wish you the very best with your blog. They can be so much fun.
    Blessings to you both

  4. I do have a frined that is over in Afghanistan. Does that count?
    Mary Basker

  5. You bet it does, Mary. And I look forward to hearing from others. It is so important for us to continue thinking of our servicemen and women right now who are out there for us.
    God bless you for writing in.

  6. My brother just went to Iraq. and I would love a copy of your devotional. I will send it to my sister-in-law if I win. Thanks and Happy Thanksgviivng
    Caree from Oregon

  7. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. Thanks for remembering all the troops overseas. I am partial to things like since I was raised in a military family. dont have anyone over there right now but never know when it might happen.
    Beth C.

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