Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Month of Love

February is upon us and we know what that means.

Hearts, yummy chocolates (with nuts), lovely flowers or plants, sweet perfumes, and smooth lotions...what about other aromatic items that often end up on our pillows, at our dressers, in the lady's powder room? But I still find myself returning to those nut-filled chocolates for our tummies, but definitely not for the waistline.

And how could I forget the scented candles?

Whatever they are, I'm sure they make you smile as I do, just because of the love that is shared when they are given.

And how about when we share with someone else?

What is your favorite emblem of romance?

My favorite things around this time of year are little Victorian heart sachets. I have them all over the place and still never tire of them. I also love visiting the antique store to see what beautiful item of yesteryear I can find to add to the decor of my old parlor or place in my victorian style powder room.

When I am sitting at my laptop writing, if I have candles lit or flowers blooming, I find I often have more of an incentive to keep my mind on romance.

I love those things that make a woman a woman.

What is it that turns you into a true romantic during this month of valentines?


  1. A very romantic book! I love to read. But I also love to go out to a nice dinner on Valentines Day!
    February is a special month for a lady! I agree.
    Janice Ian

  2. I enjoy a nice dinner out, or a lovely card, but my favorite Valentine is my darling husband, who was born on Valentine's Day 62 yrs. ago. He's a keeper!



  3. Valentine...Just the sweet cards I get, I think are what make me feel so special. Thanks for the neat question to get people thinking.
    God bless
    Danni Whyteliffe.

  4. Chocolates, sweet-smelling flowers, and perfume! My dad started a family habit of stopping at the fragrance counter and daubing on several kinds to "invent" our own fragrance. Not surprisngly, I like the strong stuff!

    Thanks for such a cool blog! I enjoyed reading about your book on Delia's site as well.

    Patti Lacy

  5. What do I love and what makes me feel romantic? Let's see. I think it would be a tender "I Love You" first thing in the morning and a VERMONT TEDDY BEAR! Oh, yes. That would do it.
    Betty Browning

  6. You know what, Shirley. I enjoy all that! Thanks for asking.
    Marta Blesser