Monday, September 1, 2008

A Visit with S. Dionne Moore

Join me as we come together with Sandra Moore, debut author, who will be sharing with us and has asked her heroine to join in on the conversation as well! Also, leave your comment for a chance to win a free signed book!

S. Dionne Moore is a bunion-free supermom who resides in PA with her husband and daughter. They are all busy guarding their socks as watching where they step as they welcome the addition of a tiny, very unhousebroken, sock-loving Maltipoo named Rebel. She writes between running to the door and saying, with a fervent prayer in her heart, “Want to go outside? Let’s go outside.”

SDC: So you are a debut author, Sandra! Congratulations! Tell us how you got where you are today, the title of your novel, its publisher, and its release date.

SM: Well I got where I am at present because I spent last Monday packing everything up in suitcases and toting things to the car—yeah, we just moved. Again. We’re finishing our forever home and hope to make the final move by October 1, 2008. What a day that will be!

Until then, why don’t I tell you what you really want to know? J My very first book, a cozy mystery by Barbour Publishing, entitled Murder on the Ol’ Bunions, released in April 2008 and will release to retail stores this fall.

SDC: What is your book about and how did you come up with the idea for it?

SM: Oh dear. The doorbell is ringing. Hold on a bit.

What a treat! LaTisha just arrived and is practically pushing me out of the way so she can answer these questions.

LaTisha: Murder on the Ol’ Bunions is about me trying to figure out who killed my ex-boss, Marion Peters. About walked myself silly talking to people because the list of suspects wasn’t short, I can tell you that. Lot’s of people in Marion’s little black book. And the part about coming up with the idea? They say write what you know, so I got my friend here, S. Dionne Moore, to sit herself down long enough and peck away on the keyboard as I told my story.

SDC: Which character in your novel was the most difficult to flesh out and why?

LaTisha: I talked to S. Dionne so much about Maple Gap that she knew us all real good before even starting the story. When she got stuck trying to get a character right, we talked about it until it came out the way I wanted it to sound.

SDC: How do you plan to build and grow your audience and fans?

LaTisha: Feed ‘em and they’ll grow. Trust me on that.

SM: I think she means the book, LaTisha. How will we market the book?

LaTisha: We? Honey, I leave all that stuff to you. I’ve got grandbabies to visit and love on.

SM: LaTisha has agreed to make guest appearances on blogs and, uh, interviews, so I’m hoping people will love getting to know her better that way. I’ve done several interviews and have plans to do a tour with the Christian Blog Alliance in September, as well as an interview with Anne McDonald and guest blog on Novel Journey. I’ll also do some booksignings this fall.

SDC: If you were to take your heroine to church with you how would she be received the way she’s portrayed in the beginning of your story?

SM: LaTisha went to make herself a mocha. I always have her favorite mix on hand. J LaTisha’s got a little problem with pride-

LaTisha: I saw what you just typed!

SM: But her biggest struggle in the story is dealing with Empty Nest Syndrome. After seven children, the last one off to college a couple of months before Marion is murdered, LaTisha is planning a huge Easter dinner, but her children start canceling on her, which deepens her frustration and melancholy. Of course she does come to grips with it, filling the void with her schooling and solving her first murder. So I think her inner struggles are normal and natural. She exudes a warmth that draw people to her and help them overlook her, uh, eccentricities.

SDC: Would most women be drawn to your hero immediately or is it possible they would be irritated by him and why?

LaTisha: What kind of question is that? Honey, Hardy’s all mine. He’s my milk chocolate baby and you better be remembering that.

SM: Hardy is the most easy-going, gentle-spirited man you’ll ever meet.
LaTisha: *Hmph*

SM: I’ve had several readers say how much they love him. LaTisha and Hardy balance each other, and they’re the best example of how a mature married couple interacts that I can think of.

SDC: What is the first thing you think about when you rise in the morning?

LaTisha: What I’m going to cook that’ll get Hardy’s old bones up off that bed.

SDC: After you get this debut novel off the ground, where do you go next?

SM: Polly Dent Loses Grip is the title for LaTisha’s second book, which we’re editing now.

SDC: Every writer struggles about something. What do you struggle with in your writing?

SM: *eyeing LaTisha* Characters who want to take over the story?

LaTisha: I think you’re biggest struggle is dangling modifiers and how you use prepositions to end sentences with. Then there’s those times I’ve had to explain the terminology used in my police science courses.

SDC: Where can readers find out about you or your writing online? Please include the link for purchasing your book!

SM: My Website is You can purchase my book through my Website under BOOKS. There’s a link that will take you to the order page to join the Heartsong Presents: Mysteries! club and a phone number if you want to order a single title.

I also run frequent contests. Currently the contest is answering the questions: “What’s that draped on the arm of the chair on the cover of Murder on the Ol’ Bunions?”

I’m also a columnist for Novel Journey, posting a new author interview every Tuesday.

Thank you so much Sandra, for sharing a little something about yourself at A Pen for Your Thoughts.

Sandra is offering a signed book to the fortunate winner. Send in your comments and an email address where we can contact you. We will let you know in a couple of weeks!


  1. Interesting title of the book and it sounds like it should be a fun read. Please enter me in the drawing.


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  5. A big thanks for those entries so far! Keep em coming!
    God bless you all!

  6. S. Dionne is wrapping up my second mystery--Polly Dent Loses Grip--and me and Hardy are getting ready to take a little trip to visit the grandbabies before we start in on our new business, owners of Your Goose Is Cooked! Now let me scoot. Hardy's got his plaid polyester britches hiked higher than a Puritan's morals. I'm gonna hog-tie that boy into a pair of khakis or my name isn't LaTisha Barnhart!

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