Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's Friday and...

On Friday mornings before 8:00 I think I think of the strangest things in their own peaceful sort of way.

When I get up the first thing on my mind after that first cup of coffee, and of course that first hurry up to the you know where, and after I've had a chance to say my first hello to my husband, dogs, and cats, and I've run to (well, maybe not run, but perhaps, dragged myself) out to get my chickens out of bed and fed them breakfast, and then come back and sat down and started drinking that cup of coffee that got tepid on me, and of course said my morning prayers with my husband then sent him out the door to work and tossed the big dog, Silas OUTSIDE, then read and studied a little from my Bible, I remembered in my mind that I better go in the other room and make my bed because if I knew in my mind if I didn't, it wouldn't get made (I know me, you see).

I do think I probably think of the strange things. I'm pretty sure anyway. It's still not quite 8:00. What else am I thinking this Friday morning.

My mind immediately is telling me I need to warm up my laptop and do all the things I didn't do with my writing routine yesterday, even though I know in my mind for I will never catch up on those things, because I inevitably get myself so far behind. It's a wonder, or perhaps I am, believe me since I do way too many things at the same time. (I cannot tell you how many projects I have going at the same time!) I tell myself that all the time.

How about you? What does your mind tell you about things like that?

People like you and me...we only have two hands and two feet and one brain and one body and one mouth. And if you knew me real well and knew about my Shirley days (they are not good) and how they effect my brain with headaches, you would be shaking your head knowing mine cannot work this way...doing a bazillion things at the same time. You are right. It can't. But in my mind I tell myself I can.

I do have some really bad days. In my head.

I'll wager it is in part because I want to do way too many things at the same time. My list, if I were to write one up of all the things I want to think about and do at the same time would be quite long, you see.

I still scratch my head reflecting on what exactly it is I think about on Friday mornings before 8:00. I decided to write down just for today what would come out of my head.

It all started when I sat down here in my office seeing that my laptop was all warmed up and ready to go. My mind began to think...
  • go check emails (but I know there will be way too many, so I decide to let them rip away)
  • organize desk (which is way too tiny for all the papers I have to look at every morning making it a never ending cause, which I know in my mind is going to take far too much time.
  • think first that God should be on your mind right now, because if He doesn't guide you in this day, it will end up being a lost cause for you by the time you get to the lunch hour and then the 3:00 hour when you stop, and then the 4:30 hour when you quit for the day. (It doesn't take long for me to recognize fully if I did everything without His guidance even if part of it turned out OK, I would still not be satisfied in my heart of hearts about any of it, because I didn't have Him in the back of my mind throughout the process!)
  • pour yourself another cup of coffee and don't forget the cream.
  • remember to tell Tom to get you more cream, (because I don't like my coffee anymore without the sissy stuff. But who cares .)
  • eventually get yourself showered and dressed, dear. You can't sit at your computer all day in your robe and slippers!
  • but first: Open up some files and do some writing and check those emails that must be finished by now (and don't forget to erase the SPAM that didn't delete)
  • say hello to someone across the email-ways (or whatever one calls it)
  • jump over to Amazon and look at your new book that is out now EVEN though you haven't even SEEN IT or touched it with your own two HANDS
  • wonder if anyone purchased it yet.
  • let the chickens out of their coop pretty soon so they can eat some grass and visit you outside your office window and then return and....

Good Grief! Is that all I'm thinking about on this Friday morning before 8:00? I guess I don't really think of such strange things at all. In fact for others it may seem absolutely boring! It all comes out to the same sort of things I think about the rest of the week the minute I pull myself out of bed. The same old stuff...the same old Shirley.

At least I know I got one item right and that was that I must take God with me throughout my day. For if I don't, regardless of what I do, the day will be worth nothing in the end, boring or not to someone else, successful or not to me.

Will I be more organized in my thinking tomorrow just because I made a list today?
Probably not. The problem is I am still me and my mind still works the same. Regardless of the time, regardless of the day.

What do you think about on Fridays before 8:00? Are they peaceful thoughts? Perhaps you can enlighten me to some new thing that will make my brain work better. Just remember that main point. There's one thing only that will make a difference in our patterns of thinking regardless of how silly or important they come out to someone else.

"Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee." Isaiah 26:3


  1. You think like I do!

  2. Well, this could occur on any day...lets say...Thursday?? Just kidding Shirley! It's is amazing how most days are like this? Your mind whirls not stop thinking about all that you have to do as soon as your feet hit the floor!I can't wait to get your new book! Have a blessed Saturday!

  3. Thank you, mamacope! I know I will have a blessed Saturday and so will you. BUT FIRST I have to go through all that other stuff I go through on Fridays! And believe it or not the day has just begun! Here we go again. eek!

    Thanks for writing in!